Disney+ Price And Release Date Announced For US

Disney+ will launch on November 12, the company announced today. It’ll cost $7/month or $70 for 12 months (which works out to around $5.83 per month). The price and release date is only confirmed for the United States at this stage. This was described by management as the “initial price point,” which suggests it could rise in the future.

Notably, $7 USD per month is below competitor Netflix and other streaming services.

Disney+ will launch first in the United States and then “rapidly expand globally.” Disney’s plan is to release the service in “nearly all” major regions globally within the next two years. However, pricing for other markets was not announced.

In Year 1, Disney+ will offer more than 25 episodic series, including the new Star Wars show The Mandalorian, which will be available at launch, or at least the first episode. There will also be more than 10 new movies/specials for Disney+ in the first year. In terms of back catalog content, Disney+ will have around 7,500 episodes of shows, along with more than 100 recent movies and more than 400 library titles.

Netflix is expecting to get between 60 million and 90 million people to sign up for Disney+ by the end of Fiscal Year 2024. Around 1/3 of subscribers are expected to come from the United States, with 2/3 coming from international markets.

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All content on Disney+ can be downloaded. The service will available on pretty much every screen you can imagine, including game consoles like PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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