E3 2019: First Look At Doom Eternal’s Multiplayer

During the Bethesda E3 press conference, id Software showcased a new gameplay trailer for Doom Eternal. The developer followed the video with further details for the upcoming first-person shooter, including what to expect for the game’s multiplayer.

Doom Eternal’s multiplayer is called Battlemode, and it sees one player-controlled Doom Slayer face off against two player-controlled demons. The demons are able to summon additional allies and need to work together to overwhelm and kill the Doom Slayer. Their opponent has access to the Doom Slayer’s vast array of powerful firearms, explosives, and blades. As the trailer advertises, it’s strategy vs. skill.

The Doom Eternal segment of the press conference ended with the game finally getting a release date. Doom Eternal is coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch on November 22. A Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition was announced as well, and it includes a Doom Slayer helmet that you can actually wear.

The single-player trailer showed off more of what we’ve seen of Doom Eternal before: fast-paced action, monstrous demons, bloody executions, and acrobatic movement. We got to see lots of Doom Eternal’s weapons in action, both new and old.

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