E3 2019: Rage 2 “Rise Of The Ghosts” Expansion Announced

At Bethesda’s E3 2019 presentation, the studio announced a new expansion for Rage 2 aimed at making the wasteland action game wilder. The “Rise of the Ghosts” expansion introduces new enemies, vehicles, weapons, and more.

The trailer showed off a mechanized walker, sand worm, low gravity cheat code, new vehicles like a skull motorcycle and Armadillo, new game modes, story, and enemy areas. Bethesda also promised that it would deliver new content on a weekly basis, all with the goal of making the game feel more unpredictable.

All of this appears primed to add some variety to a world that could use it. GameSpot’s review of Rage 2 lamented that the world was fun to play in, but it left some of its potential untapped.

“I spent some time after finishing the campaign flying the Icarus gyrocopter from side quest to side quest while overlooking the vastness of Rage 2’s open world. It’s a gruesome wasteland with the potential to be a wide playground of opportunities to flex your robust set of abilities and weapons,” Michael Higham wrote. “And at times, it gave me just that. Yet I couldn’t stop thinking about how that potential was left untapped. Open world games sometimes overstay their welcome, and it’s odd to see Rage 2 have the exact opposite problem.”

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