Grab Two Great, Trippy Rhythm Games On Sale Right Now

If you’ve been looking for a good music game to jump into, this week’s a good week. Two fantastic rhythm games, Rez: Infinite and Thumper, are on a great sale right now on Steam.

The games have a lot in common: they’re both heavily influenced by electronic music, colorful, and very psychedelic. As a result, they are currently on sale together. If you own one, you can get the other for 50% off. And if you don’t own either, you can get 50% off both if you buy them together. This brings Thumper down to $10 from $20, and Rez to $12.50 from $25. The sale runs from now until next Tuesday, February 20.

Rez: Infinite is a remaster of the classic PS2 rhythm game that originally launched back in 2001. It’s playable in VR as well as on a normal screen, and you can check it out in action in the embed above.

Thumper, meanwhile, is more aggressive than Rez (the developer describes it as a rhythm-violence game) but just as trippy. It’s also playable in VR headsets or normally, and GameSpot gave it a 9/10 when it launched in 2016.

The sale runs from now until next Tuesday, February 20.

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