New Monster Hunter World Event Quest Adds A Pair Of Cool Shades

Capcom has kicked off a new batch of Event Quests in Monster Hunter World. While this, sadly, means players can no longer get the awesome Wiggler helmet from the Wiggle Me This event (at least, unless it returns to the quest rotation), a slick new piece of headgear is now available in its place for a limited time.

From now until March 15, PS4 and Xbox One players can take on the Flash in the Pan Event Quest. This is a six-star quest that requires a Hunter Rank of 11 or higher. The objective for this particular mission is seemingly straightforward: hunt three Tzitzi-Ya-Ku.

Completing the quest will reward you with materials to create the Shadow Shades α, a slick pair of sunglasses for your hunter. While they don’t look like they’d be particularly helpful when you have a giant dinosaur bearing down on you, at least you’ll look cool while running away. You can take a look at the shades in the tweet above.

In addition to the Flash in the Pan quest, this week marks the start of the Triple Threat Throwdown and A Simple Task Event Quests. The former requires a Hunter Rank of 13 or higher and has players hunt down all targeted monsters; the latter, meanwhile, requires a whopping Hunter Rank of 30, with the objective being to deliver 10 Gourmet Shroomcaps. You can find the full Monster Hunter World Event Quest schedule on the game’s official website.

PS4 players also still have a little time left to take on the second Horizon Zero Dawn crossover quest, The Proving. That runs until March 15 and gives players materials to craft Aloy’s bow and armor. You can find out exactly how to unlock the Horizon gear in our guide. Future collaborations will also allow players to craft Street Fighter armor and Mega Man Palico gear.

In other news, Capcom recently announced it will hold a Monster Hunter World stream next week in Japan. While the publisher didn’t elaborate on what it will showcase during the stream, it does promise to share the “latest details” about Monster Hunter World. That could potentially include its first major content update, which introduces the ferocious Deviljho. Capcom has previously only said that update will arrive at some point this spring.

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