Borderlands 3 Guide: Spoiler-Free Tips & Advice To Help Get You Started

Borderlands 3 is a massive game filled with action-packed missions and numerous guns to collect. While relatively straightforward in its structure, there’s still plenty of concepts, mechanics, and systems that might go over your head. As you progress, it’s easy to miss the small things.

We’ve compiled a list of tips that should help out both series newcomers and returning players who may overlook some of the game’s more obtuse mechanics and features. Below you can find a list of the most useful advice and tips we have to offer after spending dozens of hours playing. Refer to the table of contents below to jump to where you want.


  • Do the Marcus Side-Mission
  • A Guide to Elemental Properties
  • Invest In Shock Weapons After Chapter 1
  • How To Upgrade Your Vehicles
  • Check Your Mail
  • Do Not Tackle The Story Underleveled
  • Moxxi’s Tip Jar (Part Deux)
  • You Can Revisit Planets Anytime (and You Should)
  • Label Your Guns
  • Carry a Variety of Weapon Types
  • You Can Respec at Any Time
  • What’s Up With Those Eridium Chests?
  • Shoot Tactically
  • The Art Of The Ground Pound
  • Different Guns, Different Planets
  • Pursue The Typhon de Leon Audio Logs
  • Check The Lost Loot Machine

For more guides, be sure to check out our guide on which character you should choose before starting the game. Also, you can check out all the most ridiculous guns we’ve found so far. And for everything else, check out our roundup of all things Borderlands 3.

In our Borderlands 3 review, author Jordan Ramee gave the game an 8/10 and said, “Borderlands 3 has a few stumbling blocks when it comes to bosses, but these fights are overshadowed by the game’s rewarding gunplay and over-the-top humor. The game’s character-driven narrative acts as a satisfying finale for the loot-shooter franchise, and the new mechanics and features–especially the reworked skill trees and weapon manufacturer effects–give you plenty of agency in how you want to play through it. If you’ve never been a fan of the franchise, it’s unlikely Borderlands 3 does enough things differently to change your mind, as the game best excels at continuing what the series has always done: deliver a humorous tall tale of misfits looting and shooting their way to heroism.”

Got any tips you want to give about Borderlands 3? Furthermore, what other types of guides would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

Do The Marcus Side-Mission

After clearing the game’s introductory missions, you’ll be free to explore Pandora and take on other missions. From where Lillith is set up, run ahead to where Claptrap and a broken gun vending machine are. Interact with the broken machine to initiate a Marcus side mission called Powerful Connections where you help him fix it. Upon completing the task, you’ll open up his gun vending machine and gain access to better loot.

A Guide To Elemental Properties

As you get your hands on more weapons, you’ll start to notice various elemental properties attached to them: Shock, Corrosive, Radiation, Incendiary, and Cryo. Each is effective in their ways and can even help you better take out specific enemy types. Below you can find a quick breakdown of the different elemental properties:

  • Shock: Slowly drains enemy health. It’s incredibly effective against enemies with shields–particularly Maliwan Troopers.
  • Corrosive: Quickly whittles away armored enemies and inflicts additional damage over time.
  • Radiation (Replaces Slag): Inflicts an aura of damage around the enemy that explodes upon death. It’s handy against groups of enemies.
  • Incendiary: Inflicts damage over time. It’s incredibly effective against enemies without shields–particularly bandits and animals.
  • Cryo: Useful for dealing with enemies that have high mobility–which are mostly in the late game–but there are some Maliwan soldiers with superspeed early on. Shielded targets are slightly immune to Cyro, but aren’t affected by armor. Likewise, you take less damage from cryo weapons while your shield is up.

Invest In Shock Weapons After Chapter 1

Make it a priority to get your hands on Shock weapons early on. While they aren’t of much use against the bandits in Pandora, they’re going to make your life easier once you reach Promethea in the next chapter where there are a ton of shielded enemies.

How To Upgrade Your Vehicles

At first, it’s not entirely clear how to upgrade your vehicle, but the way to do so involves finding all the special cars parked around the various planets and driving them to your local Catch-A-Ride. They’re marked in blue on the map and are typically guarded by powerful enemies, so be sure to come prepared. Take the time to grab these vehicles, as their parts are pretty cool, such as the Laser Wings which extend literal laser wings from your vehicle that damage enemies whenever you boost.

Check Your Mail

As you progress the story and complete new challenges, you’ll earn new guns. However, these aren’t given to you and instead are sent to the inbox tab in the social menu. Make it a habit to check your inbox for any newly acquired guns; you never know what new loot you might’ve received. But if you’re unhappy with the loot you’ve earned, you’re free to send them to your friends.

Do Not Tackle The Story Underleveled

We cannot stress this enough: never tackle a story mission underleveled–even if you’re only under one level. Though it’s possible to do early on, you’ll quickly regret it with any mission you do after the first chapter. Borderlands 3 has perhaps the most challenging level check of any game in the series to date, so if you don’t meet the minimum requirement, you’re likely to struggle, especially against bosses. And if you’re on your own? Don’t even bother. It’s best to level doing other side missions first!

Moxxi’s Tip Jar (Part Deux)

Moxxi’s Tip Jar returns, which means you can get some powerful loot–just as long as you’re a generous soul, of course. Go to Moxxi’s bar in Sanctuary and add money to the tip jar on the counter; you can tip either $100 or $1,000 at a time. At around $10,000 in contributions, you get a weapon trinket. You earn a new gun at $15,000; though the more money you pour in at that point, the better the gun Moxxi will gift you.

You Can Revisit Planets Anytime (and You Should)

While you might be inclined to stick around where the story wants you to be, you should try visiting other planets on occasion. Not only are new side quests added to each planet upon completing specific campaign missions, but each planet offers a higher probability of finding certain guns. If the Maliwan gun you like using in your arsenal is beginning to fall behind in power, revisit Promethea and find a new one. Also, the game doesn’t inform you when new missions on other planets have been added so you’ll need to remember to revisit places every once in a while.

Label Your Guns

You’re going to pick up a ton of loot in Borderlands 3, and after a while, you’ll need to sell or discard all the stuff you don’t want. But when you open the inventory screen, your eyes will likely bleed because you don’t remember what’s good and what’s bad anymore. To avoid said exaggerated eye pain, use the tag feature in the inventory menu to label what’s worth keeping and what you can toss in the bin. Whatever you tag will remain highlighted even at a vendor’s sell screen for easy off-loading.

Carry a Variety of Weapon Types

Make sure to carry a few other weapon types outside your main ones in case you run out of ammo. With how hectic firefights can get, it can be easy to run through your primary weapon ammo quickly, so be sure to have some backup guns.

You Can Respec at Any Time

Are you unhappy with how you’ve specced your character and wish you could’ve done it differently? Don’t worry, you can respec your character anytime at any Quick-Change Station. It costs a sum, but what’s a few hundred dollars lost in the grand scheme of your happiness?

What’s Up With Those Eridium Chests?

If you’re one to explore every nook and cranny, you’ll notice some locked chests early on that are covered in Eridium. You might drive yourself nuts trying to figure out how to unlock these chests, but don’t worry about them yet, progress further into the story. You will figure out how to open them in due time. Yes, that’s cryptic, but to discuss it would be too spoilery.

Shoot Tactically

Since Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter, you’re likely to prioritize shooting an enemy in the head. But don’t be so one-dimensional; you can be more strategic than that! Enemies react in different ways, depending on where you shoot them. Sure, headshots do the most damage and cause enemy heads to explode upon death, but arm shots can cause an enemy to drop their weapons, and legs shots can even make an enemy trip–which is incredibly useful against enemies that carry a shield. On the other hand, chest shots can stun an enemy and help you buy time to find cover. Be more methodical about where you shoot enemies; it just might save you in unexpected ways.

The Art Of The Ground Pound

If you press the crouch button while jumping from a high ledge, you’ll perform a downward melee attack that crashes onto enemies below. Use this handy maneuver during an encounter to stun enemies and leave them vulnerable to whatever firepower you’ve got on hand.

Different Guns, Different Planets

Don’t feel like you’re missing out if you’re not finding specific gun brands early on. Only certain firearms are popular on Pandora. Once you arrive in Promethea, the second planet, you’ll find a bunch of guns from the two corporations warring on that planet: Atlas and Maliwan. However, if it’s Jakobs guns you’re looking for, you’ll find a lot more on Eden-6, the fourth planet you’ll visit.

Pursue The Typhon de Leon Audio Logs

Go out of your way to find the Typhon de Leon audio recordings on every planet. The details you learn from them have ramifications on what you discover later in the story that is well worth knowing.

Check The Lost Loot Machine

The Lost Loot Machine in Sanctuary will pick up an assortment of the best loot you’ve left behind in opened chests. It only picks up a handful of stuff, but it’s worth checking every once in a while after it becomes full.

Star Wars Director’s $250 Million New Deal Includes Video Games, Here’s What We Know

JJ Abrams is making moves. The Star Wars and Star Trek director and his company Bad Robot have signed a massive new deal with Warner Bros. to make movies, TV shows, and video games.

A press release describes the deal as being “wide-ranging” and “exclusive” in nature. It begins immediately, and runs through 2024. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but media reports from several sources say WarnerBros. paid Abrams and his Bad Robot co-CEO Katie McGrath a massive $250 million.

“We are extremely excited about the potential to deliver remarkable and memorable stories and characters across multiple platforms to audiences around the world. J.J., Katie, and all of Bad Robot bring extraordinary vision, exquisite filmmaking, and exemplary industry leadership to this endeavor and our company,” WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey said in a statement.

Abrams and WarnerMedia have been working together for a long time already, having initially signed an “overall” deal in 2006 before renewing the TV components of it in 2012 and 2015. Under those deals, Bad Robot produced shows like Fringe, Person of Interest, and Westworld.

“I am grateful for the chance to write, produce and direct work for this incredible company, and to help create films and series with a diverse and vast collection of inspiring storytellers. We can’t wait to get started,” Abrams said in a statement.

As part of the deal, Bad Robot will produce more TV shows in the genres of drama, comedy, and longform, among others, and these will be produced for traditional TV and streaming services alike. WarnerMedia owns HBO, so you can expect some of the content to show up on HBO’s platforms.

As for the new movies Bad Robot will produce for WarnerMedia, the press release states that they be exclusive to Warner Bros. labels. Bad Robot is currently working with Disney on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and is attached to Paramount for future Star Trek endeavors, and WarnerMedia said it will “honor existing obligations” around those projects.

Moving to video games, Bad Robot’s video game division, Bad Robot Games, will make “new large and indie consumer games for mobile, PC, and console.” Bad Robot Games is a joint partnership with Chinese internet giant Tencent and Warner Bros.’ larger video game division, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Abrams was working on a video game with Fortnite creator Epic Games called Spyjinx. However, there have been no recent updates on the game. In fact, the game’s Twitter account hasn’t posted in nearly two years. It remains to be seen if Bad Robot’s new deal with WarnerMedia may impact Spyjinx. We’ve contacted Epic in an attempt to get more details.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot RPG Gets A Release Date

Bandai Namco’s upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot finally has a release date. The third-person Dragon Ball action-RPG is scheduled to launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 17, 2020.

While at the Tokyo Game Show, DBZ: Kakarot producer Ryosuka Hara told GameSpot about additional details about the game, as well as what players can expect for pre-ordering it. Previous descriptions for DBZ: Kakarot have made it sound like Goku, Kid Gohan, and Future Trunks would be the only playable characters in the game, but you’ll also be able to take control of adult Gohan and explore the world as the Great Saiyaman during the Majin Buu Saga.

For pre-ordering DBZ: Kakarot, you’ll get access to the side quest “A Competitive Party With Friends,” an ultra-special meat that can be used while cooking, and early access to Bonyu’s training. Bonyu is a new character designed by Dragon Ball Super writer Akira Toriyama, and you normally fight against her in a virtual training match during the Cell arc. Pre-ordering DBZ: Kakarot allows you to face her as early as the Android Arc.

There are a few different editions of DBZ: Kakarot that you can pre-order. The standard edition just includes the game. The Deluxe edition also gets you a special deluxe cooking item. The Ultimate edition includes the base game, a special ultimate cooking item, the season pass, a music pack, and an in-game vehicle for Goku. The Collector’s Edition is composed of the game, an 8x8x8 diorama figure, and a collectible steelbook.

DBZ: Kakarot is a video game retelling of Goku’s adventures in Dragon Ball Z–the latter half of the popular manga/anime series, Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball follows the life of Goku, one of the last survivors of his destroyed planet. As an alien, Goku possesses enhanced reflexes, strength, and speed in comparison to humans, but his human-like appearance allows him to blend in with society. Also there’s lots of cool fighting.

Awesome Death Stranding Poster And Trailer Revealed At TGS 2019

Death Stranding is one of the biggest games at Tokyo Game Show 2019, which is taking place between September 12 through September 15. The Kojima Productions-developed game is set to be showcased three times during the show and, ahead of these panels, a new poster has been released.

As with most Death Stranding drops, the poster was revealed online by way of director Hideo Kojima’s Twitter account. The poster itself features the large cast of characters depicted in an awesome movie poster-like format. It’s the kind of art style that you’d ordinarily see for Star Wars or Marvel movies like Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, and it looks awesome.

The artist behind the poster is Pablo Uchida, who also created a piece of key art for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain that was used as promotional material in Japan and featured on the cover of the Definitive Experience re-release of Metal Gear Solid 5. Kyle Cooper, meanwhile, worked on the title design. Cooper is known for his work on numerous movies.

The briefing trailer released alongside the poster was shown behind-closed-doors at Gamescom. While Death Stranding was one of the big reveals during the Opening Night show, this particular video features a deeper dive into the game, specifically the narrative and a few of the characters involved in the story. Check it out above.

There will reportedly be 80-minutes of Death Stranding shown at TGS 2019. People are no doubt hoping to get a better understanding of what the game is, but we wouldn’t count on that. Kojima has said, “Even now, I don’t understand the game.” He added: “Its world view, gameplay, they are all new. My mission is to create a genre that does not currently exist, and which takes everyone by surprise. There is, naturally, a risk in that.” Death Stranding’s release date has been confirmed as November 8, 2019.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Codes Giveaway

Credit: Activision
Credit: Activision

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta test kicks off this week and we partnered with Activision to give away 500 codes to our readers. The winners will get a sneak peak of the new collection of maps and modes before the official release on Oct. 25.

To enter, read our official rules, accept our terms and conditions and fill out the form below. Get additional entries by following us on social media to increase your chances of winning!

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Remember to check your email on Monday Sept. 16th because we will be sending the codes to all winners around 10 a.m. PT. The beta of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC from Sept. 19 through 20 only.

Head to our comments and let us know what is your favorite mode and why. Good luck!

Disney To Sell One Of Its Last Big Gaming Studios, Report Says

Entertainment giant Disney is reportedly taking another big step away from in-house game development. According to sources speaking to financial publication Bloomberg, Disney is planning to sell the game developer/publisher FoxNext, which it picked up through the acquisition of Fox earlier this year.

The site reports that different Disney executives, including direct-to-consumer boss Kevin Mayer, considered keeping FoxNext. However, Disney CEO Bob Iger reportedly shut that down, and it was ultimately decided to sell FoxNext. Officially, Disney had no comment.

FoxNext was founded in 2017 with the aim of handling Fox’s video game, virtual reality, augmented reality, and theme park endeavors. In 2018, FoxNext announced it was working on a new Alien shooter with a team made up of people who worked on BioShock, Borderlands, and Star Trek: Online.

In terms of games that FoxNext has already released, the company worked with Aftershock Studios on the mobile game Marvel Strike Force; it was released in March 2018. Earlier in 2019, FoxNext announced it created an program to fund the development of indie games; the first of these was the gravity-based puzzle game Etherborn.

If Disney does decide to sell FoxNext, that would be little surprise given that the House of Mouse has been moving away from internal game development for a long time already. In 2016, Disney shut down the Disney Infinity toys-to-life series and closed developer Avalanche Software in the process.

Before that, Disney closed down Tron Evolution studio Propaganda Games, which was working on Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned before its cancellation. Disney also owned the game developer Black Rock Studios that made the excellent racing games Pure and Split/Second before it shut down that studio, too. Disney also developed the Epic Mickey video games with Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios, but the company ended the franchise and closed the developer in 2013.

Bungie founder Alex Seropian was heading up Disney’s gaming business before he left to form a mobile game studio called Industrial Toys that EA later acquired.

During an earnings call earlier this year, Iger talked about Disney’s rocky history with game development and publishing.

“Over the years we’ve tried our hand in self-publishing, we’ve bought companies, we’ve sold companies, we’ve bought developers, we’ve closed developers. And we’ve found over the years that we haven’t been particularly good at the self-publishing side, but we’ve been great at the licensing side which obviously doesn’t require that much allocation of capital,” Iger said.

One of Disney’s video game licensees is EA, which signed a 10-year deal with the company to make Star Wars games. Iger said these licensing arrangements have been a positive for EA on the video game side, and you can expect them to continue in the future.

There is no word as of yet regarding potential buyers for FoxNext, if Disney is indeed selling the company. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.