Watch Dogs Legion Is Crowdsourcing Music From Fans Via Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Media Company

Ubisoft has once again partnered with actor Joseph Gordon Levitt’s HitRecord studio for a unique promotion around user-generated content, this time for Watch Dogs Legion. As part of the collaboration, Ubisoft is looking to the community to create music for the open-world game.

HitRecord is asking the community to create 10 songs for Watch Dogs Legion which will play in the game on radio stations and generally throughout the game’s setting in London. As with other HitRecord projects, the songs are likely to be made collaboratively. That is, someone could write a bass line, another person could come up with guitar parts, someone else might lay down the drum beat. Other people can work together on lyrics and overall levels of polish. These are just a few examples; the possibilities, as you can imagine, are vast.

In all cases, HitRecord will pay $2,000 per song, which will be split among the people who contributed to it, and they’ll also have their names put into the game’s credits. People whose work is not selected for Watch Dogs Legion receive no payment.

HitRecord will review all final Watch Dogs Legion musical pieces, and at that time it will also ensure each artist is properly accounted for. After that, HitRecord will made a decision about how much money each contributor should receive for their part in creating the song. This information will be posted to HitRecord’s public site for everyone to see as part of what’s called the “Payment Proposal.” There is then a two-week period when people in the community can comment on the Payment Proposal, and then HitRecord will make its final decision; the first round of payments will go out for creators in January 2020.

More information about payment is available on HitRecord’s website by searching for Watch Dogs Legion here. You can sign up to create music for Watch Dogs Legion here on HitRecord.

HitRecord is looking for songs in the rock, hip hop, electronica, metal, and punk genres, and Ubisoft is seemingly looking for songs that are in some way related to London.

Some people, including game designer Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone, John Wick Hex) are speaking out against this partnership. Specifically, Bithell said he takes issue with the use of “spec work,” which is basically labor done for free with the hope of future payment.

“This sucks. Pay people for their labour. Stop exploiting fans and hobbyists, while devaluing the work of those with the gall to actually expect consistent payment for work done. Do better Ubi, we’re counting on you,” Bithell said.

HitRecord previously partnered with Ubisoft for a similar user-generated content program for Beyond Good & Evil 2. People also voiced their concerns about that “spec work,” and Gordon-Levitt responded by saying the controversy was due in part to people not understanding how HitRecord works.

“Honestly, this concern was sorta painful to hear,” he said in a post on Medium. “It’s not at all how I think of our community’s creative process. I do think that part of this disconnect is simple misinformation.”

Watch Dogs Legion launches in March 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is a super-ambitious game due in part to the main hook that you can control basically anyone in the game. Check out the video embedded above to learn more.

Madden 20 Ratings: Here Are The Four 99-Rated Players

The Madden 20 ratings reveal continues. Following EA’s announcement of all the highest-rated rookies, the company has now revealed Madden 20’s four 99-rated players. These are the best players in the game, and that’s before factoring in the new X-Factor super-abilities.

The four 99-rated players in Madden 20 (at launch) include Houston Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins, Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald, Seattle Seahawks ILB Bobby Wagner, and Chicago Bears OLB Khalil Mack. These ratings, and those of everyone else in the game, can and most likely will change over the course of the real NFL season, depending on on-field performance.

Madden 20’s new X-Factor system grants highly rated players super-abilities that can be used at key moments, and these 99-rated players all have them. As Pasta Padre reports, “Hopkins wins aggressive catches against single coverage. Donald can place pressure on the QB even while still engaged in a block. Wagner gets tighter coverage and a higher chance of picking off a pass on contested catches. Mack’s pass rush leads to quicker block shedding.”

The rest of Madden 20’s ratings will be revealed throughout July leading up to the game’s release at the end of the month. Keep check in back with GameSpot for more.

Madden 20 launches on August 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

AEW Fight For The Fallen Live Results: Updated Match Card Coverage Of The 2019 PPV

AEW’s Fight for the Fallen is underway right now. If you live in the United States, you can stream it for free on B/R Live. You read that correctly. This All Elite Wrestling event costs no money to watch, and so far, it’s been a lot of fun. You’ll find results for the show, as they happen, below.

Fight for the Fallen isn’t just another wrestling promotion’s monthly event. Proceeds from the gate will be going to the Jacksonville’s Victim Assistance Advisory Council (VAAC), which is helping those affected by the 2018 shooting in the city during a Madden Tournament.

On the card, there are eight matches on the card and one spot for Chris Jericho to show up and say whatever he wants. Undoubtedly, this will be a build up to his match against Hangman Page for the AEW Championship at All Out in August. The only notable thing missing from the PPV itself is the newly-acquired Jon Moxley, who had a brutal, non-sanctioned battle against Joey Janella at Fyter Fest. Next month, Moxley will face Kenny Omega.

While it’s a slimmer card, there are a lot of great matches booked for the event. Most importantly, this show feels fresh even though the last PPV was weeks ago. The matchups are new, making Fight for the Fallen feel like it has a voice in the sea of wrestling PPVs. Check it out for yourself below.

Match Card:

  • Britt Baker & Riho vs. Shoko Nakajima & Bea Priestley
  • Sonny Kiss vs. The Librarian (With The Librarian)
  • Darby Allin, Jimmy Havoc, & Joey Janela vs. Shawn Spears, Sammy Guervara, and MJF
  • Chris Jericho appears
  • Young Bucks vs. Cody and Dustin Rhodes
  • Kenny Omega vs. Cima
  • Hangman Page vs. Kip Sabian
  • Dark Order vs. Jack Evans & Angelico vs. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy
  • Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie
  • SCU vs. The Lucha Bros

Below, you’ll find live, updated results as the show happens. Keeping coming back to GameSpot throughout the evening to find out the complete results for Fight for the Fallen.

The Buy-In

No Caption Provided

Peter Avalon vs. Sonny Kiss

Kiss pins Avalon at 5:06.

No Caption Provided

Britt Baker & Riho vs. Shoko Nakajima & Bea Priestley

Nakajima pins Riho at 15:37.

No Caption Provided

Darby Allin, Jimmy Havoc, & Joey Janela vs. Shawn Spears, Sammy Guervara, and MJF

Spears pins Allin at 13:13.

No Caption Provided

Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie

Rhodes gets the pin on Allie at 10:16, with a little help from Awesome Kong.

No Caption Provided

Dark Order vs. Jack Evans & Angelico vs. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy

Dark Order wins by pin at 15:07.

No Caption Provided

Hangman Page vs. Kip Sabian

Page wins by pin at 19:04.

No Caption Provided

SCU vs. The Lucha Bros

Pentagon Jr pins Scorpio Sky at 15:04

No Caption Provided

Kenny Omega vs. Cima

Omega pins Cima at 22:33.

Prime Day 2019: Best Xbox One Deals Available So Far (US)

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is nearly here–the two-day shopping bonanza is going down this coming Monday and Tuesday for a full 48 hours, making it the longest-running Prime Day since the event was first held in 2015. With tens of thousands of deals across every category, Prime Day has become a full-blown event akin to Black Friday, to the point where other retailers are offering their own counter-sales happening around the same time.

If you’re primarily on the lookout for Xbox One games, console bundles, or accessories this Prime Day, we have you covered. While Monday and Tuesday will bring an even bigger wave of discounts, some Xbox One deals are already live, not only at Amazon but also at GameStop, Ebay, and other retailers. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the best Xbox One deals available now, and we’ll update this story as more deals go live on Monday.

Mortal Kombat 11 - on sale for $44.17 at Amazon
Mortal Kombat 11 – on sale for $44.17 at Amazon

Best Xbox One game deals

In terms of games, you can already find solid discounts on many of this year’s biggest titles, such as Kingdom Hearts 3 for only $20 at GameStop and Mortal Kombat 11 for $44 at Amazon. Games that received less-than-stellar reviews at launch are also quite cheap, with Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition selling for $20 and Fallout 76 down to $25. You’ll also find some pre-order titles cheaper at Amazon, such as Doom Eternal and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, so Prime Day may be a good time to secure your copy, especially since Amazon will give you the cheapest price on your pre-order if it drops again.

  • Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition — $20
  • A Plague Tale: Innocence — $41.70
  • Assassin’s Creed III Remastered — $20
  • Assassins Creed Odyssey — $20
  • Battlefield V — $23
  • Borderlands Game of The Year – Only at GameStop — $15
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Pro Edition – Only at GameStop — $49.97
  • Call of Duty WWII — $19.97
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy — $24.85
  • Destiny 2 Forsaken — $20
  • Devil May Cry 5 — $40
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition — $20
  • The Division 2 — $20
  • Doom Eternal — $49.94
  • Fallout 76 — $25
  • Far Cry New Dawn — $20
  • The Golf Club 2019 feat. PGA Tour — $20
  • Just Dance 19 — $20
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 — $20
  • Mortal Kombat 11 — $44.17
  • NBA 2K19 — $17
  • Rage 2 — $40
  • Rainbow Six Siege — $15
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 — $40
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition – Only at GameStop — $49.97
  • Sea of Thieves — $22
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice — $47.30
  • The Sinking City — $49.94
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy — $24.83
  • Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order — $50.94
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Deluxe Edition — $32.84
Xbox One S bundle + controller + headset - on sale for $300 at Walmart
Xbox One S bundle + controller + headset – on sale for $300 at Walmart

Best Xbox One console deals

If you’re in the market for a new Xbox One S or X, a few different deals are already available. Various Xbox One bundles are currently marked down at GameStop, and you’ll get an additional $50 gift card with your purchase. Meanwhile, at Walmart, there’s an Xbox One S bundle that includes a game of your choice, a bonus wireless controller, and a headset for around $300 (price varies based on your picks). Finally, if you’re only interested in the console itself, you can get a new Xbox One S for $196 at Ebay, which is a great price if you don’t want any accessories and aren’t interested in any bundle games right now. Of course, you might want to consider waiting until Monday before taking the plunge, as Amazon will likely offer the console at deep discount as well.

  • Get a free $50 gift card when you buy any new Xbox One S or X console at GameStop
  • Xbox One S console + free game + headset + controller — $295-$312 (save up to $70)
  • Xbox One S console — $196 ($225) (discount in cart)
Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox One/Windows - on sale for $126.37 at Amazon
Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox One/Windows – on sale for $126.37 at Amazon

Best Xbox One accessory deals

Controllers, headsets, memory cards, and other accessories make up a core part of the hobby for many gamers, and having the right gear is crucial. Unfortunately, these types of added purchase can really burn a hole in your pocket, but Prime Day is a great chance to grab whatever accessories you’ve been needing for a fraction of the price. See some of the deals you can find already, and check back on Monday as more products start getting marked down.

  • AC adapter replacement charger with cable — $22.45 ($59.88)
  • Fantom 2TB High Performance SSD + Hard Drive Storage — $104.95 ($139.95)
  • Fosmon Xbox One black controller charger + 4 rechargeable battery packs — $28 ($50)
  • Halo 5 Guardians limited-edition controller — $63
  • HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro gaming headset — $85 ($100)
  • HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headset — $123.52 ($150)
  • OIVO vertical cooling stand with controller chargers — $32 ($40) (save 20% with coupon)
  • Razer Electra V2 7.1 Surround Sound gaming headset — $37.85 ($60)
  • Seagate 500GB external SSD + 2 months Game Pass membership — $100 ($120)
  • Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel — $126.37 ($200)
  • Thrustmaster TX RW Leather Edition racing wheel — $385.48 ($470)
  • Xbox One black wireless controller + adapter — $53 ($80)
  • Xbox One Gears of War 4 Crimson Omen wireless controller — $68.95 ($75)
  • Xbox One red wireless controller — $49.75 ($65)

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Latest Persona 5 Royal Video Shows All-New Combat Mechanics, Hangout Spots, And Minigames

It’s been a boon for Persona 5 fans lately as developer Atlus has been consistently revealing details on the upcoming Persona 5 Royal–the definitive version of the original RPG. And the latest “Morgana Report” video outlined several new features and mechanics that the game will include. These videos are in Japanese but translations have given us further insight into what Morgana has to say about P5R’s new content.

The new partner attacks that we’ve been seeing throughout P5R’s build up have an official name now; they’re called Show Time attacks. So far, we’ve seen Show Time attacks from the duos of Haru-Morgana, Ryuji-Yusuke, Ann-Morgana, Makoto-Ryuji, and most recently Yusuke-Ann. It’s not entirely clear how you’ll initiate these extravagant, high-damage attacks, but it was hinted that their availability will be tied to developing relationships between specific characters.

Another aspect of combat that has been further explained is changes to the Baton Pass mechanic. With a high-enough Confidant level, party members in the original game could transfer their extra turn (earned from critical or weakness hits) to another member. P5R will flesh out the feature even more to make it more effective. Taking a page out of the Persona Q book, spells and attacks can be used free of HP or SP costs after a Baton Pass. Furthermore, party members will restore a small amount of HP and SP when chosen to receive the extra turn. It appears that these perks will develop through a separate social ranking system, which was briefly shown in the Morgana Report video, where the player reached Rank 3 with Ann after a game of darts.

Combat will be even more dynamic because of accessories you can equip to other party members’ personas. Depending on what you equip, characters can cast spells outside of their original moveset; for example, we see Ann using an Ice-type attack through this system. It’s another similar element from Persona Q where characters can have sub-personas and cast different spells.

Yusuke and Ann shutting it down with their Showtime attack.
Yusuke and Ann shutting it down with their Showtime attack.

Outside of combat, social activities have expanded. Some of the hangout spots in the new part of town called Kichijoji were previously teased, but the latest video shows more of what these entail. You can actually take part in the DartsLive minigame (shout out to the Yakuza games) that’s in the pool hall Penguin Sniper. There’s also a jazz bar to chill at and get a drink with the team; you can see Joker and Makoto on a date at Jazz Jin and subsequently leveling up her persona. Like previous Persona games, P5R will feature a Shrine to visit during off hours, and it seems like it’ll provided boosts to Joker’s SP. Other small addition were showcased as well, like the ability to trade in gear you don’t use in exchange for points to spend on other equipment.

We’ve been keeping up with the new, upcoming version to Persona 5; you can catch up with our breakdown of the first P5R reveal trailer and compilation of all the P5R details that have come out since. While the game is set to release on October 31, 2019 in Japan, we’ll have to wait until sometime in 2020 when P5R launches worldwide, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Amazon Prime Day: Best Tabletop Gaming Deals (US)

This year, Amazon Prime Day has doubled into a full 48-hour period of deals. If you’re a Prime member, you have access to bargains on hundreds of products from July 15 to 17. Pretty much everything is discounted, from games and PC hardware to console controllers and VR headsets. That includes tabletop games as well.

In the following guide, we outline our favorite tabletop game deals happening on Amazon right now. Whether you’re looking for a simple card game to play with the family, a multi-layered board game to take on with your friends, or something in-between, we’ve got you covered.

As Prime Day hasn’t started yet, many of these deals can be enjoyed by all shoppers, not just Prime subscribers. That may no longer be the case come Amazon Prime Day, so if you’re not a Prime member and you see a deal that you want to take advantage of, it’s better to buy sooner rather than later.

Board Games

  • BattleLore 2nd Edition — $49 (39% Off)
  • Betrayal At House On The Hill — $29 (42% Off)
  • Civilization: A New Dawn — $25 (50% Off)
  • Dark Darker Darkest — $43.10 (46% Off)
  • Dark Souls The Card Game — $35.49 (11% Off)
  • Fallout — $39 (35% Off)
  • Gloomhaven — $108.36 (23% Off)
  • Greedy Greedy Goblins — $16.13 (60% Off)
  • The Lord of the Rings: Journey to Mordor — $10 (67% Off)
  • Lords of Xidit — $23 (62% Off)
  • Pandemic: Legacy Season 1 (Red Edition) — $40.59 (42% Off)
  • Star Trek Frontiers — $29.74 (37% Off)
  • Vast: The Crystal Caverns — $38.36 (36% Off)
  • Wasteland Express Delivery Service — $50 (44% Off)

Card Games

  • The Banishing — $11 (45% Off)
  • Bloodborne — $21.15 (40% Off)
  • Boss Monster: The Dungeon-Building Card Game — $13.22 (47% Off)
  • Gloom 2nd Edition — $15 (40% Off)
  • Horizons — $26.40 (47% Off)
  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf — $14.79 (41% Off)
  • Penny Arcade The Game: Rumble in R’lyeh — $14.34 (68% Off)
  • The Red Dragon Inn 5: The Character Trove — $42 (30% Off)
  • Sheriff of Nottingham — $23.49 (33% Off)
  • Sushi Go! – The Pick and Pass Card Game — $9 (40% Off)

If you’re looking for some advice, I’d highly recommend Red Dragon Inn 5: The Character Trove (which is linked above). Red Dragon Inn is a fairly easy card game to pick up, but the addition of yearly character expansions means strategies for the game are constantly evolving and growing more complex over time. The aforementioned fifth expansion comes in a box large enough to store the four included character decks as well as all the cards that come in the original game and expansions 2-4, making it the perfect box to start with. Red Dragon Inn requires a minimum of two players, but the maximum is only limited by the number of unique character decks you have. Currently, there are over two dozen characters (with even more on the way) so you can play with a massive group of people.

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13 Most Terrifying Found Footage Horror Movies Ever, Ranked

While the horror genre has remained a consistently popular one over the decades, it is marked by the rise and fall of certain subgenres. From the Exorcist-inspired wave of possession movies in the ’70s to the glut of slashers that followed the success of Halloween and Friday the 13th in the ’80s, all it takes is a single movie to inspire dozens of homages, copies, and rip-offs. In July 1999, a micro-budget indie horror titled The Blair Witch Project hit US theaters and changed the shape of horror–and other genres, to be honest–for the next decade and beyond.

The Blair Witch Project’s gimmick was to present the movie as if we were watching the recovered footage left by a trio of missing student filmmakers as they investigated the legends of a witch who lurked in a spooky wooded area. This wasn’t the first time the technique had been used–the 1980 Italian shocker Cannibal Holocaust was partly found footage, while mock-documnetraries like This is Spinal Tap and the notorious British TV show Ghostwatch arguably used this technique too. But Blair Witch Project was by far the most influential.

In terms of the film itself, it gave the events on screen an intensity and scary realism, helped by the naturalistic performances by its three actors, that delivered a frightening experience unlike anything else many audiences had experienced before. And in terms of the industry, it broke down a financial barrier for filmmakers. You no longer need an experienced crew and expensive equipment. With a domestic camcorder, a location, and a few friends, anyone could make a found footage movie that had a shot at making some money at the box office.

And that’s what happened. The vast success of Blair Witch meant that seemingly everyone was making their own version. Horror has always been a genre that could maximize profit, with many of the biggest success stories being low budget independent movies that became huge hits. Suddenly films that might have been barely releasable a few years earlier were flooding the market. Terrible sound, lousy acting, murky photography? Doesn’t matter–it’s a found footage movie!

But while many of the found footage films released in the wake of Blair Witch were indeed very bad, there were some great examples too. These were all movies that used the limitations of the format to the story’s benefit. In some cases this meant delivering giant monster movies that put us at ground-level with terrifying beasts, and others it meant creating a sense of claustrophobia, denying the viewer that release and distance that a more traditional horror movie can. So with The Blair Witch Project celebrating its 20th anniversary this week, we’ve taken a look at the best and scariest found footage horror movies ever made. And once you’ve read that, check out GameSpot’s look at the background to Blair Witch and find out why the movie could not be made in the same way today.

13. Borderlands (2013)

This low-budget British movie doesn’t perhaps do anything that new, but it’s still a satisfyingly scary ride. A pair of Vatican investigators are sent to an old, recently reopened church in the English countryside to look into reports of supernatural activity there. Accompanying them is a cynical videographer, through whose cameras we see a series of weird events unfold. Strong performances, a great atmosphere, and a horrifying end sequence, as the team discover the truth about what lies beneath the church, add up to an underrated shocker.

12. Willow Creek (2013)

Comedian-turned-director Bobcat Goldthwait might be best known for his dark comedies, but in 2013 he turned in this impressive found footage bigfoot movie. Just as Blair Witch Project never reveals the witch, in this one Goldthwait holds back from showing us the monster. Instead, it invokes serious scares through the use of sound and suggestion, as a pair of young campers found themselves terrorised by the Bigfoot when they decide to explore the various myths about its existence. The scariest scene is an unbroken 20-minute sequence, as the couple cower in their tent while something seriously terrifying stomps around in the woods outside.

11. The Last Exorcism (2010)

The Last Exorcism combines the found footage genre with the possession movie to impressive effect. It’s produced by Eli Roth, and focuses on a priest who has lost his faith and makes a living by performing fake exorcisms on the mentally ill. This leads him to a girl called Nell, who claims to inhabited by a demonic entity called Abalam. The whole thing is caught on camera by a pair of documentary filmmakers, and much of the film plays around with the possibility that Nell is simply disturbed rather than possessed. It’s a smart shocker that deals with questions of faith and belief, as well as delivering some intense and scary scenes.

10. The Visit (2015)

While the vast majority of directors making found footage horror movies were first-timers or cash-strapped indie filmmakers, there were a few higher-profile examples. Renny Harlin (The Long Kiss Goodnight) and Barry Levinson (Back to the Future) both gave it a go, but neither The Devil’s Pass and The Bay added much to the genre. The exception is M Night Shyamalan, whose 2015 film The Visit proved something of a comeback after his expensive sci-fi flop After Earth. The movie follows a pair of kids who decide to film their week visiting their grandparents on a remote farm for the first time–inevitably weird things start happening. Shyamalan says he struggled to find the right balance between scares and humor while editing the film, but the result is a well-judged horror movie, with enough humor to relieve the tension without ever undercutting it.

9. Cloverfield (2008)

Horror has always been a genre that allowed to producers to make serious money–it does not require big stars, huge sets, and lavish vfx. It just needs to be scary, and found footage was the perfect format to cut budgets even further. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t some more expensive entries. War of the Planet of the Apes and upcoming The Batman director Matt Reeves made his directing debut with the JJ Abrams-produced Cloverfield, in which giant rampaging monsters lay waste to New York City. Cloverfield combines the best of both worlds–the bigger budget allows for some fantastic visual effects, but the found footage technique means that the movie was scary and immersive, as the heroes of the story attempt to escape the city.

8. Creep/Creep 2 (2014/2017)

Although found footage has encompassed many different type of horror movies, there aren’t many horror comedies, perhaps because the format creates an uncomfortable realism that lends itself much better to scary than it does funny. The great exceptions are Patrick Brice’s Creep movies. Make no mistake,these two films every bit as unnerving as any other on this list. But they are also damn funny. Mark Duplass, who also co-wrote and produced both, plays a strange man called Josef, who, in the first movie, places an ad to hire a videographer for the week. The bizarre, ghoulish events of Creep lead directly onto the even funnier and more unsettling Creep 2, which puts a fascinating spin on the first movie’s plot. Both films walk a fine line between uncomfortable humor and genuine scares, and are anchored by Duplass’s wonderfully weird performance. You’ll laugh, jump, and cringe–usually in the same scene.

7. Trollhunter (2010)

Like Cloverfield, this hugely entertaining Norweigan movies uses its found footage style to bring a level of gritty realism to an outlandish monster movie. In this one, a documentary crew are following the exploits of a man who claims to track giant trolls through the countryside. The movie combines thrills, humour and social commentary, and the filming technique ensures that the trolls are damn scary when we get close to them. The movie launched director André Øvredal’s Hollywood career–he followed it with the acclaimed indie chiller The Autopsy of Jane Doe and helms the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro-produced Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark.

6. Noroi: The Curse (2005)

The Japanese classic was unavailable in the West for many years, but can now be found on the streaming service Shudder. It’s a long and sprawling film that starts with the disappearance of a paranormal expert while he was making his latest documentary about a strange curse affecting seemingly unconnected people. The bulk of the movie is made up of the unfinished film; director Kōji Shiraishi does a brilliant job of weaving in this storyline with real-life archival footage, to create a movie that blurs the boundaries of fact and fiction. The movie’s two-hour length and complex story was criticized in Japan at the time, but it remains an ambitious, intricately plotted, and very scary movie that shows what can be done with the found footage format.

5. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Perhaps the earliest example of found footage, Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust remained the genre’s defining work, until The Blair Witch Project was released nesrly 20 years later. It’s also unquestionably the “best” of the more disreputable Italian cannibal movies of the late-’70s/early-’80s. The first third of the movie is traditionally made, and sees an American anthropologist head into Amazon jungle to find out what happened to a team of documentary filmmakers who disappeared months earlier. He discovers that they were all killed out there, and the rest of the movie allows us to see the reels of film they shot, as they manipulate, provoke, and torture the natives in order to get some sensationalist footage. Cannibal Holocaust is, at times, a powerful, extremely well-made comment on the role of the documentarian and the influence of the “civilized” world upon more remote people. But it’s also a brutal, exploitative film in its own right–there’s the indefensible animal violence that was an unfortunate feature of Italian cannibal films, and there are some truly gruelling scenes as the filmmakers have the tables turned on them and become dinner for the cannibal tribes.

4. Lake Mungo (2008)

This Australian movie was not the film that director Joel Anderson originally wanted to make; when he couldn’t raise the funds for a more ambitious project he instead wrote a found footage horror movie that he knew he could make cheaply. Nevertheless, Lake Mungo is far from the quick, commercial movie we often associate with the subgenre. It’s a powerful exploration of grief, in which a family are coming to terms with the mysterious drowning of their daughter Alice. But as they deal with their loss, Alice begins to reappear in photos taken by her brother. Found footage movies are at their strongest when evoking a sense of realism that conventional movies cannot, and Lake Mungo is a fantastic example of this. The naturalistic performances and use of “mockumentary” style interviews help create a truly chilling, utterly convincing atmosphere which makes its various scares and twists even more effective.

3. Paranormal Activity (2007)

Like Blair Witch a decade earlier, Paranormal Activity showed what could be done with a tiny budget and a great idea. It cost only $15,000 to produce yet grossed $193 million worldwide, and spawned a hugely successful franchise. It had an incredibly simple set-up–a young couple set up cameras around their new house in order to record the supernatural evil that is tormenting them at night. Director Oren Peli generates incredible tension by making the audience wait for minutes on end, watching people sleep, for something to happen, before delivering some expertly crafted scares. Ironically, after the movie was bought by Paramount, the studio’s initial plan was for Peli to remake it with a higher budget. Peli agreed but with the stipulation that he was allowed a single test screening with his original version–the effect on the audience was so strong that remake plans were scrapped, and the rest is movie history.

2. REC/REC 2 (2007/2009)

This pair of Spanish zombie movies work as a hugely enjoyable pairing, with the second movie starting immediately after the end of the first. Both films take place in a zombie-infested tenement building–REC is seen through the camera of a reporter who is investigating strange goings-on in the block, while the second mostly focuses on a heavily armed special forces team who attempt to take back control. Both are intense, exciting, and unpredictable experiences–REC 2 in particular throws us straight into the mayhem as we experience it all the cameras worn by the soldiers. Two more sequels followed–one traditionally filmed, the other found footage again–but neither match the sheer verve and intensity of the first two.

1. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project might not have been the first found footage horror movie, but it is unquestionably the most influential. It still stands as one of the most profitable movies of all time, and absolutely terrified audiences when it hit theaters in the summer of 1999. The simplicity of its story was enhanced by a brilliantly creative viral marketing campaign designed to convince audiences the film was “real.” The raw visuals, naturalistic performances, and a refusal to follow traditional plot conventions resulted in a film that was copied for years to come–but rarely bettered.

Bard’s Tale 4 Director’s Cut Release Date Announced

The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut will begin its release on August 27, developer inXile has announced. It’ll release that day digitally, with a physical edition to come on September 6 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

On Xbox One and PC, Game Pass subscribers can get the title at no extra cost, while it’ll also be available for sale through the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, and digital PC storefronts.

The Bard’s Tale IV was originally released in September 2018 for PC. The new Director’s Cut not only brings the title to console, but it also adds new content and contains “thousands” of bug fixes. Microsoft is calling it the “truly definitive” version of the game. If you already own The Bard’s Tale IV on PC, you can get the Director’s Cut for free.

Here is a rundown of what’s new in the Director’s Cut (as written by Xbox):

  1. A new end-game chapter that adds hours of additional content
  2. New enemies, items, and weapons, including dwarven master-crafted weapons
  3. Thousands of fixes and improvements across the game
  4. Refined and more feature-rich UI
  5. More class/gender character creation options
  6. Rebalanced combat and encounters
  7. Additional difficulty settings
  8. Full gamepad support across all platforms

There will also be a digital deluxe edition of The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut on PC that comes with extra items such as a map and wallpaper, along with the digital soundtrack and a number of other in-game extras. The premium version will also be available on console with other extras.

You can visit the Xbox Wire to see a full rundown of the various versions of the Director’s Cut, including information about the content and pricing.

The Bard’s Tale IV was originally funded on Kickstarter, where it brought in more than $1.5 million. Microsoft acquired inXile in 2018, and the studio has added more studios since.

Millie Bobby Brown Responds To Rumor That She’s In MCU Phase 4 Movie The Eternals

It was recently reported that Stranger Things and Godzilla star Millie Bobby Brown would appear in the MCU Phase 4 movie The Eternals alongside Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, and Kumail Nanjiani. However, it appears that may not be the case.

The actress said in an Instagram video today that she has “no idea” about if she’ll be in the movie. “Everybody thinks I’m going to be in a Marvel movie,” she said, according to GameSpot sister site ComicBook. “Not that I know of. My family and I have no idea. So I just want to let everyone know…that I’m not as of right now.”

No Caption Provided

Brown’s response is a bit different from what Nanjiani had to say about his own casting rumours. He told Variety that he isn’t allowed to comment on the rumours.

“I cannot comment on that,” he said. “It would be so great to be part of a superhero film. I would love it so much.”

The Eternals is expected to be one of the MCU Phase 4 films that gets announced at San Diego Comic-Con or D23 later this year. Other Phase 4 movies are expected to be Shang-Chi, which will be the first MCU movie with an Asian lead, along with Doctor Strange 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Black Panther 2, and Black Widow.

For lots more, check out GameSpot’s rundown of everything we know about MCU Phase 4. You can also check out the video embedded above.