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Public health is the term associated with the overall general health of the population. As the name suggests, it focuses on the well-being of the global population rather than individual people. In this hectic lifestyle, there have been several threats associated with public health. Here in this blog, we will discuss public health challenges and their solutions.

Top Public Health Challenges and Solutions

Let’s cast light on public health challenges that are putting lives in danger.

  1. Food Safety – Food-related sickness and illness are very common as in this busy lifestyle half of the population prefer to eat outside. This is the reason why one in every sick person is suffering from a food-related illness. However, this illness can be easily preventable if one must follow the safety measures authorized by the government authorities.
  2. Drug Overdose – This is another common concern associated with public health issues and solutions. It has been reported that the deaths have quadrupled with the consumption of drugs like hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc since the year 1999. To avoid this, many government programs have been regulated to spread awareness among individuals. Not just this, drug monitoring programs have also been initiated to prevent any unethical activities.
  3. Heart Disease – It has been reported that diseases associated with health such as heart attack, stroke, etc are the major cause of death among the American population. There can be several reasons for heart disease such as unhealthy lifestyles, less activity, stress, etc. Not just this heart disease like stroke also causes disability among the population. National public health resources to prevent heart disease, the adoption of healthy habits is a must, and health practitioners focus on addressing issues like cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.
  4. Infections – Infections are common among patients that are being treated in hospitals. There have been many cases of infections during surgery or urinary tract infections caused by catheters, etc. This is generally caused due to the carelessness of residents or improper surgical gear. However, to avoid such cases, proper guidelines have been given to health practitioners that must be followed before the procedure. Other than this, there have been top-notch resources and tools that can prevent the spread of infections.
  5. Vehicular Injuries – According to the stats, around 32000 people die every year in vehicular accidents. The main cause of such accidents can be anything like drunk driving, speeding, etc. Most people while driving don’t take safety measures like buckling up their seat belt or wearing a helmet, etc which is another reason for accidents. To avoid this, a patrolling team is active on roads that keep an eye on people who are speeding or rash driving. A breathalyzer is a must for people being suspicious of drunk driving.

These are just some common public health issues, however, all these challenges can be easily addressed with proper awareness, planning, and resources. Further, governments should ensure that institutions have sufficient financial resources and personnel to operate efficiently in order to treat many patients. Moreover, there should be transparency regarding government action that will decrease corruptive activities.


That’s all! Now you know all about the public health issues solutions. It is important to address the public health issues if you want to grow as a nation. And instead of focusing on all challenges at once, it is best to deal with one problem at a time.

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