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An annuity is a type of insurance agreement in which current contributions are exchanged for future earnings installments. Annuities, which are sold by financial services organizations, can help supplement your Boston retirement planning.

Annuity contracts, on the other hand, have wildly different terms, and some impose high fees. If you’ve ever been puzzled about what an annuity is, this article will help you to know so you can evaluate if an annuity is fit for your retirement savings plan.

Annuities are typically designed as either fixed or adjustable contracts. Fixed annuities pay the annuitant on a regular basis and are commonly utilized in retirement savings.

Kinds of annuities

Financial advisors can be classified based on the services they provide, such as retirement planning, portfolio management, tax advice, or the products they sell, like stocks or annuities.

A broker-dealer is a term used to describe a Boston retirement consultant who sells securities. Fixed annuity and other insurances can be sold by insurance agents, but adjustable annuities can only be sold by agents who have received their Series 7 license.

Alternatively, we can categorize investment planners based on their payout plan, which includes whether they earn a royalty, a flat fee, or some other type of financial agreement, as well as their fiduciary or registered investment advisor (RIA) position.

What is an annuity and how will it work?

In old age, annuities give you a lot of money. An annuity’s key advantages are as follows:

Predictable payments: Payments are guaranteed for a fixed amount of time or until the end of your life, or the life of your spouse or another beneficiary.

Tax-deferred expansion: Money invested in an annuity expands tax-free. When you get annuity payments later, the earnings part is taxed as ordinary income, while the principal is normally tax-free.

Death benefits: Depending on what type of annuity you select, a named receiver may be paid after your death.

Annuities are sold by a range of financial institutions, including health insurers, banks, and investments agents. The accrual stage is the time when you are paying your annuity.

Action steps are planned by advisors

An annuity advisor is more than just a retirement consultant in boston. Their job is to assist you in all aspects of your financial life.

However, for many consumers, working with an annuity advisor is primarily motivated by investing advice. Here’s how much you can plan if you go this path.

The advisor will devise an investment management strategy that takes into account both your risk appetite and risk capacity. The investment portfolio is basically a formula for determining how much of your whole financial portfolio will be split across different asset types.


It is essential to have a thorough knowledge of annuity programs before investing in them. Each annuities plan is unique in terms of pay-out options, premium payment terms, death of the policyholder specifics, and so on.

If you have any questions, you can contact your insurance carrier, and you should carefully examine the conditions of the policies to ensure complete understanding.

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