Best SEO Tips To Get Organic Traffic In 2022

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes the processes and methods that can be used to make web pages and websites rank better on search engines including Google and Bing among others. SEO techniques have always been a proven way to get more visitors to a website and increase revenues and sales. Below are the best and most worthwhile SEO Agency Portsmouth tips to get more organic traffic in the year 2022.

Improve User Experience (UX)

In the year 2021, Google launched a new algorithm that focused more on user experience and not on content. Following the update, a stable website that has a better loading speed and is responsive and interactive would be preferred by the Google search engine. Google has also switched to “mobile-first” indexing in the year 2021. It means that you should ensure that your website has a faster loading speed and has the elements to be more responsive and engaging for the customers and web visitors. A proficient and expert strategic media agency can also deliver you the goods and improve your website in terms of speed and stability.

Use Internal Links

The web traffic that your business website receives is not distributed evenly across the web pages. SEO Agency Boston and Internal linking use the relevant keywords and other measures to ensure that the web visitors can be directed to the desired web page from the other and relevant web pages of the website. Internal links may also improve your Google ranking as the search engines can easily understand the anchor text and the context due to them.

Create More Videos

Videos can be quite popular and are much easier to understand for web visitors and customers. They can also elaborate on a topic better and provide visual proof. You can repurpose all your blogs as videos, which can bring to you a much bigger audience. Recent research shows that including more videos may also increase your organic web traffic by more than 150%. Videos ensure that web visitors find your content easily on the search engine result pages and the organic traffic flows to your website without any problems.

Start with Google Discover

Google Discover is the new mobile news feed of Google that is more personalized for users. It is driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Google shows the users the articles, blogs, and news items based on their previous web searches and search behavior. While it is a search without a query, it may have certain benefits for businesses as well. When Google promotes your content and shows it to the users automatically, it appears to be genuine to the end-users. All you need is unique, fresh, engaging, and good-quality content to appear more on Google Discover. You can also add the “max image preview meta tag” and increase your chances to appear on Google Discover.


Google constantly updates its algorithms to match the user expectations and aspirations better. You should also keep on updating your SEO methods and content and should keep your website easy to navigate and feature-rich to provide a good user experience on websites as well as on smartphones and mobiles. Apart from fresh, unique, and good quality content, you should also focus on improving the loading speed and stability of your website to be in Google’s good books. Focusing on voice search, including more videos, and auditing your site regularly by obtaining the services of a leading strategic media agency can make your business much more popular and profitable on the web.


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