The Outer Worlds Has Exceeded Publisher’s Expectations Critically And Commercially

The Outer Worlds hasn’t been out for long, but it’s already making waves for publisher Take-Two Interactive. The Obsidian-developed space RPG has performed well critically and commercially, and has apparently exceeded expectations.

During Take-Two’s investor call today, they discussed recent sales milestones for their biggest titles, as well as the company’s approach to microtransactions. The Outer Worlds was singled out separately as a title that had performed well, both critically (check out our 9/10 review) and commercially.

Company president Karl Slatoff called The Outer Worlds a “critical and commercial success” in the call, stating that it was “exceeding our expectations, and reviews have been outstanding.” Specific sales figures for the game’s launch period were not given, but the game is evidently doing well. This is especially good news for Microsoft, which recently bought out Obsidian with hopes of franchising The Outer Worlds on Xbox.

During the call, Take-Two also discussed the time frame for The Outer Worlds’ Switch release, which has now been narrowed down.

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