Galvanize is a game for you to hide and find real gifts with your friends in your neighborhood.

Made especially for people who love secret messages, gifts hiddens in trees, and treasure maps, Galvanize lets your phone connect you to the people you love enough to leave presents for in the real world.

If you have ever been geocaching (Hi, Cachers!), this is similar, except instead of finding a public set of coordinates, you are trying to find a gift hidden only for you!

Launched in public alpha in September 2010, Galvanize is a bootstrapped project with a female founder (see more about our founder, Kristen, on the Team page), and we are looking for neat projects and partners to test Galvanize with in 2011.

Play game here – http://www.greatwebgames.com/dancing/galvanize/

Have an idea for Galvanize? Let us know through our contact page, Twitter, or by email at info@galvanize.us

For ideas on what to hide, follow our Tumblr blog, where we post ideas and inspiration.

See you out there, fellow adventurers!