How To Take Care and Maintain Your Hearing Aid

Millions of Americans deal every day with some type of hearing loss. Although this product is tiny, it can be expensive, therefore requiring information to correctly preserve its function and situation. Millions of Americans still depend on these gadgets that are little to create a difference in their own life.

Within the years, some key improvements have been created by hearing products. In reality, it is often noted time, the unit have been created to be smaller and more successful over that the digital hearing-aid was stated in the 1950s and these small aids today can create outcomes that are huge. Directional microphones are put to enable the wearer to concentrate on one-on-one conversation as well as the capacity to converse in places. As you can suppose, these versions weren’t as helpful as suppliers and those to day discontinued their production till about the 1990s where engineering actually took a flip for the better.

Oklahoma City Hearing Aids technology gives a range of possibilities, meeting the requirements of people today. Some are more complicated or more costly than the others, but these digital or gadgets nonetheless need the assist of an experienced audiologist to select the correct item and proper-fitting. The price of the gadget can surpass $5 and can commence below $2,000. Combined with the installation comes good care, which may help keep it operating precisely and extend the life span of the hearing-aid. They’re an expense for particular.

As an expense, care makes your funds go quite a distance. Understanding repair, cleaning and the way you store your hearing-aid will keep it working and might avoid the need for recurring repairs over time. First, in regards to the shell, the top of hearing-aid has to be clear. Aids typically have particles from oil or dirt in the grooves. Chemical and water should to be avoided in your hearing aid. Tissue or a moist fabric needs to be carefully used to wipe down the hearing-aid. Many kits contain a brush that will be good use for earwax buildup. The microphone is acutely fragile, and it’s not required to poke the port. During cleansing, the microphone should constantly be facing the ground as well as the brush that is provided ought to be used. Wax buildup could be prevented by daily cleansing together with the brush .

In the event you have any queries or need further help on the appropriate cleansing techniques, it’s recommended that you simply ask your audiologist. They are the specialists in this area and will gladly evaluate these procedures along with one to ensure effective hearing-aid performance. As it pertains to moisture, a hearing-aid can lengthen their life and drying container or a support package will assist keep dampness from building-up inside the hearing aids. Be certain before putting them in a great spot so that you can help them as long as they possibly can to consider the batteries from the hearing-aid. This, also, will extend battery life. It’s recommended that a spare battery that ought to also be stored in a great location is usually carried by a person using a hearing-aid.

hearing-aidsAlthough batteries nowadays are made to last considerably longer lengthier than in the immediate past, drying is advised with all the use of possibly a forced-air blower (no, maybe not a blow dryer) or a can of compressed air such like the one used to clear a key pad. Moisture can occur from even sweat or rain. Climatic circumstances and your activity-level are a couple of the most frequent identified variables impacting dampness buildup. People with people who sweat or high ranges of bodily physical exercise are susceptible to moisture problems as it pertains with their hearing devices. Likewise, residing in locations of large humidity can also irritate its performance. Whether from external or internal sources, moisture ought to be averted as most useful you are able to. Some aids will stand as much as moisture than the others. Consult your audiologist to determine whether they advise drying containers or particular dry help kits and also discuss your particular life-style together. Your audiologist can assist you pick the correct aid that’ll support your present life-style in the event that you are a bodily individual and danger more perspiration than the others. This, subsequently, will assist you get the most from the hearing aid.

New Cosmetic Reconstruction App

Tech Insiders Report A New Augmentation App For Smart Phones

cosmetic reconstruction phone appWe all have used snapchat and other filter driven applications but there appears to be something new on the market for consumers to eat up like birthday cake. Apparently a software company out of Oklahoma is developing a new app that allows users to take a selfie then apply filters that represent surgical procedures. This app might hit the market if it catches on. They are currently trying to find plastic surgeons in the Oklahoma area to buy into the app and offer it to their patients as means to “test drive” the surgical procedure. What this means is that anyone looking to get plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and botox can download this app to their smart phones and apply the filter on a selfie. So imagine that you were looking to get liposuction done around your waist area, you could snap a picture of your gut, apply the filter, and see what your post surgery stomach might look like. The same goes for nose jobs, boob jobs, and botox work.

How Technology Is Shaping Our Bodies

I love technology, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be writing about it. But with all the pros come many cons. It’s great that we can pick up a phone, snap a picture, apply a filter, and see what we might look like after cosmetic surgery. But what if we put down the phones and picked up some weights? Maybe we wouldn’t even need a new smart phone application like that if we were just getting exercise. I understand that this argument doesn’t necessarily apply to rhinoplasty or breast augmentation but it sure applies to liposuction!! It might be possible also if we weren’t so consumed with social media we wouldn’t be trying to modify our bodies to look like something else. Too much time looking at photos on instagram and facebook gives young people a false impression of reality. Well, such is life. If you are in need of cosmetic reconstructive surgery and want to see what it might look like before you go under the knife then this cool app is for you. Check it out and leave us some feedback in the comments section below and let us know how it worked for you.

Big And Bizzare – Tokyo Game Show 2017 Photo Tour

Welcome to Tokyo Game Show 2017

Japan’s biggest video game show returns in 2017 with big, spectacular booths and weird, head-scratching oddities.

Never been before? Well let us be your experienced guides on this magical journey.

Here we are at the main gates, where Psycho Break 2 (aka The Evil Within 2), dominates the banner advertisements.

The Show Floor

Tokyo Game Show was spread out across eleven halls this year. This is just one of them.

(Disclaimer: If you’re wondering about the relatively small amount of people in these photos, please note that we took them on the Business and Media days of the show, prior to public access)


Let’s start with everyone’s favourite Japanese video game publisher probably, Konami.

Zone of the Enders VR

They have themed demo stations showing off one of the surprises of the PlayStation TGS 2017 conference, Zone of the Enders VR.

And here’s one of the Konami attendants cosplaying as Ken Marinaris from the very same game.

If you’re looking for more cosplay, stay tuned for our Tokyo Game Show Cosplay gallery!

PlayStation Booth

PlayStation always have one of the biggest booths at Tokyo Game Show, and this year is no exception. We couldn’t even fit it all in one picture.

Detroit: Become Human

Okay, here’s the first bizarre thing we saw at the show: They had real people standing around in this glass cabinet all day pretending to be androids. They stood perfectly still, but if you waved at them they would wave back in a real creepy manner.

Detroit: Become Human

Here’s a closer look at one of the androids. Notice the ‘For Sale’ signage which imitates some of the sets from the game itself.

Detroit: Become Human

Another look at one of the androids.

Monster Hunter: World

Japan loves Monster Hunter, so Monster Hunter: World also had a huge presence. This isn’t the main booth for it (we’ll get to that later), but Sony had a portion of space devoted to it as well.

Monster Hunter: World

They had this replica campfire setup which will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played the game.

Gran Turismo: Sport

There were multiple rows of Gran Turismo: Sport demo booths. Kind of a big deal, right?

Gran Turismo Limited Edition PS4

The Gran Turismo-themed PlayStation 4 was on display at the booth.

Gran Turismo Limited Edition PS4 Controller

…and here’s a look at the controller.


Here’s the back of the PlayStation booth.

GT: Sport

There were a lot of VR experiences at Sony’s booth, but no-one looked happier than this person playing Gran Turismo Sport.

Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco has one of the other huge booths at TGS since they have tons of games based on popular anime and manga series. Here’s the side of their booth with a small section dedicated to Dragonball FighterZ.

Code Vein

Code Vein is the newest game from the God Eater team and has definite Dark Souls influences. The wait to play it (on a Business day, without public attendance) was over 90 minutes!

Code Vein

Namco were also showing off some of the collectable figurines based on the game’s characters.

If you’re interested in more collectables or merchandise, stay tuned for our Square-Enix collectables gallery and Tokyo Game Show Merchandise gallery.

Secret of Mana

The Secret of Mana remaster took up a small portion of Square-Enix’s booth. Here’s a look at the glass cabinet displaying the upcoming special edition of the game.

Secret of Mana

…and here’s a closer look at the figurines.

Secret of Mana

You could also get your picture taken with a presumably life-sized Rabite. Aw, how cute!

Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

A bunch of very excited fans play Square-Enix’s crossover Monopoly-like board game, Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary. This series has previously been released in the west as “Fortune Street”.

Virtual Reality

I, uh. I’m not really sure what’s going on here. That is to say I don’t really want to know what’s going on here.

Virtual Reality

From what we could make of it, these people were some kind of virtual classroom game. Because why not, right?

Let It Die

SUDA51 and GungHo’s Let It Die had a surprisingly huge booth this year.

Let It Die

They were also handing out branded fidget spinners to those who played, because the world has truly gone to hell.


There was a big portion of the show floor dedicated to an esports stage. Who doesn’t love esports, right?


There was a Street Fighter V exhibition happening while we were there.

The Show Floor

Here’s another look at another hall, with Metal Gear Survive hanging out at the front.

Earth Defence Force

D3 Publisher had a big booth this year, with multiple Earth Defence Force titles to show off.

Additionally, if attendees were able to ride that bike down the bottom left hard enough, you could make the giant mech move!

Earth Defence Force

A closer look at the giant mech.

The Second Building

Let’s pop over to the other building for a bit.

The one you see here housed the cosplay area, merchandise booths, and the huge indie and vr game areas.

Arc System Works

Here’s a glimpse at the Arc System Works booth, selling all sorts of Blazblue and Guilty Gear merchandise.

Square-Enix Music

As always, there’s a booth dedicated to Square-Enix soundtracks. These folks are perusing this year’s selection.

Indie Games

The Indie Game section this year was huge, bigger than any other year.

Rez: Infinite

Everyone’s favourite VR title, Rez: Infinite, had a small demo station where you could wear the famous light-up body suit.


These guys are having a virtual snowball fight. I think.


Meanwhile, a handful of people are going on a virtual spelunking tour, and are currently riding a physical (and virtual) minecart. Sure, why not?


Not content in the regular amount of VR sickness, this pair decided to take things up a notch with a physical rollercoaster thrill ride contraption. I’m getting sick just looking at them.


And uh…


At least he’s having a good time?


Nevermind, that’s it. I’m outta here. Let’s go back to the other hall.

Sega + Atlus

Ah, Sega! They’re huge at TGS this year. Here’s Yakuza director Toshihiro Nagoshi speaking on stage.

Finally, a booth that doesn’t have anything strange happening in it at all.

Yakuza Kiwami 2

Anyway, here’s a couple of women they’ve hired to stand around and be photographed all day to promote Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Fist of the North Star

This promotional worker’s job is to spend her time fondling the plastic biceps of this Kenshiro statue for Fist of the North Star.

Sega + Atlus

Look at how big this booth is! You can see their three biggest titles advertised here: Yakuza Kiwami 2, Yakuza Online, and Fist of the North Star


On the other side they have demos of many other titles.

Where’s Atlus?

Sonic’s all like “Sega + Atlus? I dunno dudes, I don’t see no Atlus games here”.

Shin Megami Tensei

Just kidding, here’s a sweet replica of the helmet from Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey to promote the upcoming redux version.


But Sonic’s all like “Whatever dudes, Sonic Mania was dope and now everyone loves me”

Counter-Strike Online 2

Actually, online is my favourite way to play Counter-Strike.


Alright, I love these guys! Here’s the stage at the Capcom booth where they would show off their gameplay demos of the new Resident Evil 7 DLC. Chun-Li is on it right now for some reason.

Not A Hero

Speaking of Resident Evil, here’s a photo booth they set up so you can tell all your friends back home that you are in fact, not a hero.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil is still a big deal for Capcom, as you can see.

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite

But they also dedicated space to promote their latest titles lime Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite.

Resident Evil Shooting Range

But never mind Marvel Vs. Capcom, back to Biohazard! The BB Gun shooting range from past years returns again.


Those replicas are intimidatingly true-to-life.

Shooting Range

Would you want this guy by your side in a zombie apocalypse? Judging by his paper target, probably not.

Monster Hunter: World

Okay! Here’s a look at the giant Monster Hunter: World booth. There must have been up to fifty demo stations in here easily, and the line was massive even on the business day.

Monster Hunters

They had some really great cosplayers out front hanging out with an impressive monster statue.

Monster Hunter: World

Here’s a look at the other side of the Monster Hunter booth.

Monster Hunter: World PS4

They were even showing off the special limited-edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 console. Looks pretty good, right?

Here’s a close-up of the controller. Now let’s turn around and go over…

Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV PC

A lot of Square Enix’s booth was actually devoted to the various Final Fantasy XV spinoffs, but here’s the one that you probably care about most–the PC port.

Final Fantasy XV PC

They built a special “Lunafreya” gaming rig made of white components. But… isn’t this a Japanese game?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Not even the Japanese can resist the allure of a 100-player LAN setup for PUBG

And that’s it! That’s your taste of the sights of Tokyo Game Show. This isn’t everything though, we’ve got galleries coming soon on the cosplay and merchanise of the show, so stay tuned!

Square Enix Talks Talks About Embracing “Games As A Service” Model

Back in May, Square Enix management said the video game industry is heading towards the “games as a service” model, at the time stating that the Final Fantasy publisher “will approach game design with a mind to generate recurring revenue streams.” Now, Square Enix president Yousuke Matsuda has doubled down on those comments, saying in a new note to shareholders that the games as a service model is the way forward.

“Gone are the days in which single-player games were of primary status and multiplayer games secondary,” Matsuda said (via @Nibellion). “Lately, multiplayer games have taken the lead, and it is standard for games to be designed for long-term play.”

No Caption Provided

Games as a service is not a new concept, and it’s a term that is defined differently depending on which company you’re looking at. For Square Enix, games as a service means a game that “place[s] a strong emphasis on longer-term user engagement.”

Square Enix will continue to make games that fit this description. The idea is to make games that people play for a long time instead of completing them quickly and moving on. “In so doing, we will increase customer satisfaction and enhance the lifetime value of the games themselves,” Matsuda said.

One of Square Enix’s biggest recent games, Final Fantasy XV, is adding online multiplayer through an expansion coming up soon. And just this week, the company announced a brand-new shooter called Left Alive, which we wouldn’t be surprised to learn has a significant online element. The games as a service model makes business sense, as a publisher can continue to sell the game and its related content over time. And provided that content is compelling enough, it can be a good thing for gamers.

Also in the note to investors, Matsuda spoke about the growing importance of gameplay streaming. Square Enix is looking into how it can turn this into a business to create another form of revenue.

“An increasing number of our customers around the world enjoy not only playing games themselves, but also watching other gamers play them. You do not actually need to play a game yourself to enjoy it,” Matsuda said. “Watching the advanced techniques of professional gamers and the unique broadcasts of game streamers is another way to enjoy games. Watching gaming is growing into a major form of entertainment thanks to considerable advances in the online streaming environment. It is the presence of e-sports spectators that make this meaningful.”

“Once the size of gaming spectatorship grows, gaming itself will gain value as a form of media. This conversion of gaming into a form of media is proceeding rapidly. We also have a great deal of interest in this field and intend to proactively work to turn it into an actual business.”

You can read Matsuda’s full note to investors here.

Destiny 2 Guided Games: What You Need To Know Ahead Of Launch

One of the new features coming to Destiny 2 is what Bungie is calling “Guided Games.” This is where a solo player can group up with a higher-level players to help learn the ropes of end-game activities such as Nightfalls and Raids. The Guided Games feature officially rolls out on September 26, but it’s been available for testers for a little over a week now in beta form, and Bungie has now talked about how many people tested it out and what it learned from the beta.

Senior designer Steve Dolan said in the latest Bungie weekly blog post that more than 100,000 people have used the Guided Games feature to get through the Nightfall Strike, with a 90 percent completion rate. For Nightfalls, communication is important for the success of a team. Dolan pointed out in the blog that while players are not forced to join group chat, it is recommended. But even if you don’t have a mic or don’t want to use one, listening in on the battle chatter can help your team get through a mission easier.

Here are some other takeaways and key details that Dolan shared about Guided Games:

  • Finishing a Guided Game version of any activity will advance you through a milestone, even though the UI does not mention this.
  • If a Clan leading your Guided Game does a bad job, potentially on purpose, their Oathkeeper rating will fall. It is recommended that you look at the Oathkeeper score of a Clan before jumping into an activity.
  • Oathkeeper scores are given after completing four Guided Games. You can join a Guided Game for a Clan with a blank Oathkeeper score, but that could be a risk.
  • If all three players in a Nightfall agree to abandon their Guided Game, the Oathkeeper score won’t be affected. This could be for a situation like you need to take an important phone call or have to run somewhere in real life. “Sometimes life happens,” Bungie said.
  • When you match with a Clan for a Guided Games activity, you can decline joining that crew–for whatever reason–and you will stay at the front of the queue to find another.
  • Bungie reviews Clan names to ensure they don’t included “objectionable” names, missions, statements, or mottos. Players can file a report about this if they come across something unsavoury, and doing so won’t kick you out of the Guided Games queue.

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie has announced that the game’s servers will be offline next week for a round of maintenance. The servers will be down for 5 hours or more. Additionally, Bungie listed off some new Destiny 2 known issues, while the studio also provided the first details on the Faction Rallies event.

Destiny 2 Known Issues List Includes Clan XP Bug And More

Bungie has updated its list of Destiny 2 known issues to let players know what problems the studio is aware of and actively working to fix. The studio outlined these in its latest weekly blog post.

Starting off, the limited-time multiplayer event, Trials of the Nine, was disabled at the wrong time this week. Going forward, you can expect it to run from 10 AM PT on Friday until Tuesday at 2 AM PT. Another issue Bungie is aware of and working on is that Clan XP is not always being awarded upon completion of public events. Bungie said it’s also aware of a problem where Clan Engrams are not given to members. One note Bungie provided is that you can’t earn a Clan Engram if you quit a clan and join another one before the weekly reset.

Additionally, there is a problem with Destiny’s microtransaction store, Eververse. Players are experiencing delays in receiving Silver after buying it through errors such as “Silver Sync Pending” and “Query Failed.”

If you bought Destiny 2 Silver but it’s not attached to your account yet, you should close Destiny fully, clear your console’s cache, relaunch the game, and then select your character. This should fix the problem until a more permanent solution is implemented, Bungie said. If it doesn’t work, you can reach out to Bungie through this Eververse Contact Form.

Destiny 2 Known Issues

  • Trials of the Nine was not disabled properly at this week’s ritual reset. Moving forward, players should expect this activity to be available each Friday at 10 AM PDT through Tuesday at 2 AM PDT.
  • The quest step “His Highness’s Seal” is not properly incrementing when players acquire Emperor Seals.
  • Occasionally, objects aren’t properly spawning within the Exodus Crash Nightfall strike. Players may need to relaunch the activity for objectives to properly spawn.
  • Public event completions are not properly granting Clan XP upon completion.
  • Clan Engrams are not being rewarded to some qualifying players. NOTE: If a player leaves a clan and joins a new clan mid-week, they will not be able to earn further Clan Engrams until the following weekly reset.
  • If a player creates a new character after an alternate character has earned a raid key on a given week, the key will be erroneously removed from character Inventory. NOTE: Raid keys are removed, by design, with each weekly ritual reset.

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie has announced that the game’s servers will be offline next week for a round of maintenance. The servers will be down for 5 hours or more.

Call Of Duty: WW2 Features These Two NFL Players

As in past years, November’s Call of Duty: WWII will feature some familiar faces. NFL players Le’Veon Bell and Alejandro Villanueva of the Pittsburgh Steelers will appear in Activision’s shooter as soldiers, the athletes revealed on social media recently.

Bell tweeted a picture of his character model and Villanueva’s. He said, “It’s truly a blessing and an honor to be a part of my favorite game.”

As ESPN reminds us, Villanueva played his college ball at West Point. He served as an Army Ranger across three tours of duty in Afghanistan before he signed with the Steelers in 2014. Villanueva pushed forward under enemy fire and saved his wounded soldiers on the battleground, earning a Bronze Star Medal for Valor.

As mentioned, Bell and Villanueva are not the first NFL players or celebrities in a Call of Duty game. Call of Duty: Black Ops III featured NFL standout Marshawn Lynch. That game also featured Law & Order star Christopher Meloni as the bad guy. Before that, Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey was the main villain in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Call of Duty: WWII launches on November 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A multiplayer beta for the PC edition kicks off on September 29–you can see the PC specs here.

Kingsman Director Calls Out Marketing Team For Revealing Plot Twists

The director of Kingsman: The Golden Circle has called out his film’s marketing team for giving away too many plot twists in trailers and other promotional materials. If you’ve seen a trailer for the film or some of its posters, you probably know what he’s talking about. Speaking to Deadline, Matthew Vaughn said revealing these secrets “isn’t great for the viewing experience,” especially in the film’s first act.

“I think the marketing department’s done a bloody good job of giving away a lot of the twists and turns. That’s been a private bugbear of mine, and I guess now a public one,” the director said. “They insist it is the right thing to do. I think it isn’t great for the viewing experience and the way I structured the first act. It definitely has left me feeling a bit hamstrung; the narrative thrust has been a little bit weakened.”

That being said, there are still more plot twists and reveals that were not in trailers or posters, so viewers may still be surprised by what’s there. Vaughn said he hopes these reveals help generate word-of-mouth interest in The Golden Circle.

“There are a few little twists and turns left that I’m definitely fighting like a crazy person right now to make sure those don’t get given away,” he explained. “I think that will hopefully help the word of the mouth, where people go, ‘You aren’t going to be believe X, Y and Z just happened.'”

Vaughn, who also directed the 2014 original Kingsman movie, said he is hopeful that he gets to make a third Kingsman film. He said he’s hidden Easter eggs in The Golden Circle that could reference what’s coming next.

“I pray to god, I have fingers crossed right now, I am clutching onto a piece of wood that the film is a hit,” Vaughn said about The Golden Circle. “Because there are a lot of Easter eggs and ideas that we’ve already put into this. If you look at the ending of this movie, all the main characters, they’re on the cusp of a new and very different adventure.

“It’s what I loved about the ending of Empire Strikes Back. I remember sitting in the cinema and going, what do you mean it’s over? Whoa, I need some answers,” he said. “I was looking at the calendar going, when is Return of the Jedi coming out? I don’t think our cliffhangers are as good as Empire Strikes Back, but that really stayed with me, the serialization, always leaving a little bit of wanting more with some resolution needed.”

You can read the full interview here at Deadline.

GameSpot’s Michael Rougeau said in his Golden Circle review that the movie “cranks up the knobs on everything the first movie did.” Rougeau added: “Unfortunately, that means more of the bad along with more of the good. Whether that makes this mission a failure or a success is open to interpretation.”

Destiny 2 PvP: Crucible Beginner’s Guide

Fight Forever, Guardian

Destiny 2 has arrived on PS4 and Xbox One, and nearly two weeks after launch, it’s now complete with the Raid, Trials of the Nine, and everyone’s favorite merchant, Xur.

While much of Destiny 2 is cooperative, you can enter the Crucible to go head-to-head against your fellow Guardians. A lot of the time, this means flexing FPS muscles you don’t use in PvE. If you’re new to the Crucible and a little bit intimidated, click forward for our best tips to start strong.

For more Destiny 2 guides, including breakdowns of the three classes and skill and ability galleries for the various subclasses, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 guides and walkthroughs roundup. You can also read our full review.

The Basics

PvP in Destiny 2 comes in three main forms: Quickplay, Competitive, and Trials of the Nine. If you’re a complete beginner, Quickplay is where you want to start. And don’t worry–level advantages are disabled in the Crucible, so your Power level doesn’t matter.

There are three modes in Quickplay: Clash, Supremacy, and Control. Clash is a team deathmatch mode, Supremacy tasks you with picking up and “claiming” kills in the form of gems that drop from defeated opponents, and Control involves capturing and holding three zones.

Competitive includes a survival mode where your team has a limited stock of lives and a plant-the-bomb mode. Trials of the Nine is the most competitive and runs on weekends–see our Trials overview for more on how it works.

What’s In It For Me?

Like everything else in Destiny 2, the Crucible grants a number of daily and weekly rewards that can make even a few games worth your time. You’ll earn Crucible Tokens and basic loot drops when completing matches; bring the tokens to Lord Shaxx, the Crucible Handler, in the social space to increase your reputation and get Crucible engrams. You can also strive to complete the daily challenges, like getting a specific number of kills with power weapons, to get smaller rewards.

On a weekly basis, there are three main Crucible objectives for better loot: Call to Arms, the weekly clan engram for the Crucible, and the clan engram for Trials of the Nine. Beginners should focus on the first two rewards before worrying about Trials.

Call to Arms is Shaxx’s weekly Crucible Milestone. Play in a handful of matches to earn powerful gear from him once per weekly reset. For the Crucible clan engram, you simply have to win one match in the Crucible with a Fireteam consisting of at least half clan members. (For Trials, you need seven wins.)

Best Weapon Types For Beginners

There aren’t necessarily specific weapons that are must-haves for PvP, but there is one main trait you can look for: stability. You want to hit hard and accurately, so weapons with a lot of recoil or low stability aren’t ideal, especially for beginners.

For Crucible newcomers, auto rifles are your best best for medium-to-close range, and pulse rifles work well at longer ranges. The legendary auto rifle Origin Story is a great option, since it has a perk that grants increased damage with each kill. The energy auto rifle Uriel’s Gift is also a popular choice. Nightshade, a legendary pulse rifle, is also excellent for PvP, and its damage increases when you reload after a kill.

Your power weapon can be tailored to your playstyle. Tracking rockets are great, and a lot of players opt for swords to give themselves a strong close-range option.

For the circular maps, weapons with ricochet rounds can kill enemies around corners–we’ve tried auto rifle The Number to great success.

Note that you don’t need legendaries or exotics to do well in the Crucible. Level advantages are disregarded in PvP, so you can kill with green weapons just as well as legendary ones.

How To Pick Your Weapons, Armor, And Subclass

You have three weapon slots: kinetic, energy, and power. Within those, you’ll want a mix of close- and long-range weapons to fit most situations. Auto rifles and submachine guns work better at closer ranges, and pulse and scout rifles fare better at longer ranges. Higher-level players might go for hand cannons for a ranged option as well. You can tweak your weapons’ stats (through scopes, magazines, and so on) on the details screen.

If you have one, switch to a Ghost with the appropriate abilities, like gaining more XP while in the Crucible, as opposed to one that reveals resource locations on a planet. It’s a small thing, but you’ll get rewards more quickly this way.

When choosing a subclass, consider whether your skills will be effective against human opponents. For example, some subclasses, like Titan’s Striker, have perks (in this case, Magnitude) that allow for an extra grenade.

Armor can have three stats: mobility, resilience, and recovery. Choosing armor with high mobility will help you run away from opponents, resilience will help you take more damage, and recovery will decrease the time it takes for your health and shield to recover. You can tweak these stats by selecting one of two perk options on certain gear, so experiment a bit; if you consistently find yourself losing 1v1 firefights, try upping your resilience so you can take more bullets before you go down.

Don’t Ignore Armor And Weapon Mods

Once you have a rough idea of the gear and subclass you want to use, it’s time to take mods into account. Armor mods can make a huge difference; some reduce recoil on one of your equipped weapons, while others decrease the recharge time for abilities in one of your subclasses. If you’re using your Arc subclass, for example, pick gear with mods that improve your Arc abilities.

Some daily challenges require kills with a specific energy type. You can change most weapons’ energy type using a mod, but the easiest way is to just switch to the appropriate weapon and save the mods.

For more details, see our guide to using mods in Destiny 2.

Step One: Don’t Die

Now that you’re all suited up, it’s time to fight! Step one is to…not die. This is the most basic tip of all, but it encompasses a few things. Don’t overextend, don’t start a fight you can’t win, and don’t engage multiple enemies by yourself. If someone is gaining the upper hand, run away and wait for your health to regenerate. It’s better to avoid giving the other team a point than to get a single kill before dying–or worse, dying before you can get any kills at all.

Pay Attention To Power Ammo

In the Crucible, you don’t just pick up power ammo randomly; you have to collect it from specific points around the map, marked with a purple ammo icon. On top of that, power ammo is only available at certain intervals, and you’ll be able to see the countdown if you approach a loading spot before the ammo is available.

The ticker in the bottom left of the screen will show you who loaded power ammo and where. Since there’s a limited amount, always pick up the power ammo if possible–it will keep it away from someone on the other team. If you die, you lose any power ammo you had, but it’s better to have it and lose it than give it up to the opponent.

The Titan’s shield wall is super handy when trying to secure power ammo, especially in modes like the competitive survival mode where power ammo is in very short supply and highly contested. When faced with an enemy shield wall, explosive rounds and grenades will both help take it down. (For more on the shield wall, check out our Titan class guide.)

Stick Together

You’d be surprised how many people run around solo in the Crucible and lose to pairs of Guardians. Simply put, if you try to fight when you’re outnumbered, you’re going to lose, particularly in the competitive modes. Staying with someone else will not only help you stay alive, it’ll help you get kills, which is a good formula for a winning score.

Save Your Super

Don’t pop your super the second you get it. Some supers are great at shutting down others, while some are best used on your opponents when they’re grouped together. Take time to read the situation and use your super when the time calls for it.