Fortnite New Heavy Assault Rifle Detailed

Epic has teased a brand new weapon coming to Fortnite soon. An in-game message recently teased the Heavy AR, a new assault rifle that packs a punch, especially when fired in short bursts. The announcement likely means the release is imminent, so it will probably appear in this week’s update. The gun appears to be based on the real-life AK weapons.

It was a busy weekend for Fortnite, as the Halloween event Fortnitemares concluded with a big one-time world event. After flopping its way to the lake, hovering above the battlefield, and spawning zombie-like creatures to fight, the cube affectionately nicknamed Kevin had one more trick up its sleeve. It spun rapidly until it exploded and transported players into a strange light realm. Everyone caught up in the blast floated as luminescent butterflies formed around them, and then they were transported back to the island.

After all was said and done, the vortex that had been left at Loot Lake had disappeared and been replaced by a Stonehenge-like structure. It’s fair to say that area probably holds some secrets for the community to unravel as the game starts laying the groundwork for its next seasonal transition. These usually come with big world events that give some rationale for map and mechanics changes.

You still have a few weeks to take on the Fortnite Season 6 challenges guide. And while you can’t earn the Fortnitemares rewards any longer, the whole season is still pretty spooky. The Legendary Dire Wolf skin, for example, becomes progressively more werewolf-like as you level it up.

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