Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Release 2018, Watch Video Of New Toy Story World

Today at Disney’s D23 expo, the company showed off a little bit more Kingdom Hearts 3, the result of of its collaboration with developer Square Enix, and finally confirmed a release timeframe. While we don’t know what month, Kingdom Hearts 3 will release sometime in 2018.

Square showed an in-depth combat and boss trailer just before E3 earlier this year, but this new video goes even deeper, revealing a new world to explore in the game based on the Toy Story franchise. You can check it out above (soon), including a short scene between Sora and Woody, Buzz, and a few other Toy Story mainstays. The combat isn’t limited to just the main house from the movies either, as the game heads outdoors to battle the Heartless on a journey to the movie’s toy store.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was officially confirmed at E3 2013, and the game follows the winding story of Sora and Rikku as they traverse a world were Mickey Mouse is king. And while the antagonistic Heartless will return, the game will visit locales based on Tangled and Big Hero 6 that haven’t been featurend in the series before.

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