Nintendo Announces Next Free NES Games For Switch And A New “Rewind” Feature

Nintendo has announced the latest free NES games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, along with a brand-new feature for all NES games.

The new titles are Donkey Kong 3 and The Wrecking Crew, which will become available starting July 17. As for the new feature, the “Rewind” feature is exactly what it sounds like. You can hold the ZL + ZR buttons to rewind gameplay for all of the games in the NES library on Switch.

It sounds like how it works in the Forza Horizon series. Bungle a section or just want to try again? You can press the buttons to rewind the gameplay and have another go. It sounds like a handy feature that could be most useful in more challenging titles.

The Rewind feature arrives on July 17 alongside the release of The Wrecking Crew and Donkey Kong 3. Those titles join the 40+ others in the library of freebies for Switch Online members. Classics like The Legend of Zelda and the original Donkey King are also included.

A Nintendo Switch Online membership also provides access to online play and cloud saves, while the battle royale game Tetris 99 is also included with the membership.

Nintendo Switch Online has more than 10 million subscribers. Looking ahead, Nintendo plans to grow and “enhance” Nintendo Switch Online, but no other details are available yet.

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