PUBG Xbox One Exact Release Timing Revealed, Controller Setup Detailed

Following its release for PC back in March, PUBG is launching very soon on Xbox One. It debuts on Microsoft’s console on December 12, and now the company has confirmed precisely when you will be able to start playing depending when you live.

In a blog post, Major Nelson also pointed out that players in New Zealand Australia might have a hard time finding matches early on, but this should improve as the game rolls out more widely around the world with new servers coming online. You can see the global release schedule below, as shared on Major Nelson’s blog.

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In other news, Microsoft also has revealed some key details on the control setup for PUBG on console. In an Xbox Wire post, Microsoft revealed that it worked with the Xbox Advanced Technology Group and Gears of War developer The Coalition on a setup that will provide “enough flexibility to survive in the hostile battleground and to effectively manage in-game equipment on the fly.” You can click through the images in the gallery below to see the game’s control setups to help you hit the ground running. Unfortunately, the blog post made no mention of the ability to re-map the controls.

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Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

PUBG launches on Xbox One through the Game Preview program. As such, the game is not finished and could have bugs, glitches, and other oddities, so people should be aware of that before buying it. Ahead its release, Xbox One players can already purchase some exclusive items for their characters now.

In other news, PUBG’s new desert map, Miramar, was shown off during The Game Awards. Unlike the current map, the lush Erangel, Miramar encompasses industrial areas, beach towns, arid desert land, and more, which the developers say will dramatically change how players approach the survival game.

LawBreakers Boss Leaves To Join Epic For A “Secret Project”

There has been a management shakeup at LawBreakers studio Boss Key. Co-founder Arjan Brussee has left the Raleigh, North Carolina-based game developer to re-join nearby studio Epic Games. In a tweet, Brussee said he’s going to be working on a “secret project” at Epic Games. Brussee worked at Epic Games in the ’90s before leaving the company to establish Killzone studio Guerrilla Games; he also worked at EA Visceral.

Boss Key’s other founder, Cliff Bleszinski, said in his own tweet (via that Brussee is “not only a brilliant person but also a dear friend and I wish him well in his future endeavors. Onward and upward–still makin’ games here!”

Brussee was Boss Key’s COO; some of his duties included general management, strategy, planning, production, finance, and legal. There is no word as of yet regarding who may take over for Brussee in that role at Boss Key.

Brussee’s departure from Boss Key comes not long after the launch of the studio’s first game, LawBreakers, back in July for PS4 and PC. The game struggled out of the gate to find a playerbase. Boss Key has pushed hard to beef up player numbers, but it is unclear if this worked. The studio is considering bringing the game to Xbox One and potentially Nintendo Switch after that, but no announcements have been made.

Boss Key was founded in 2014, and Korean company Nexon published LawBreakers. The studio was originally planning for LawBreakers to be free-to-play before switching to a $30 up front price. Bleszinski has said the game could switch to a free-to-play, and that would theoretically help fluff up player figures, though there are no guarantees.

Biggest PS4 Trailers Of PlayStation Experience 2017: Soul Calibur 6, Medievil Remastered, And More

There are plenty of new trailers and videos coming out this year’s PlayStation Experience. To help you keep track of everything that was shown, we’ve gathered all the trailers from the show below. You can also check out all the biggest news and announcements from the event in our roundup.

What’s your favorite trailer from the show so far? Let us know in the comments below.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

Check out the trailer for Arc System Works’ crossover fighting game, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. It features characters from BlazBlue, Persona 4, and a few anime properties.

Detroit: Become Human

The upcoming Detroit: Become Human was played with a live audience at the PSX 2017 opening ceremony.

Donut County

Donut County is a physics adventure game where you control a hole in the ground. Every time you swallow something, the hole grows a little bit bigger.

Jupiter & Mars

Jupiter & Mars is an underwater adventure game developed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

The Last Guardian VR

The Last Guardian is getting standalone PlayStation VR experience, which will be a free download.

MediEvil Remastered

Sir Daniel Fortesque returns in a PS4 Remaster of the PS1 Cult Classic.

Monster Hunter: World

The upcoming Monster Hunter: World is going to sport Mega Man crossover DLC.

Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Experience life as a clone of Morty and all the trauma that comes with it. Step through portals to strange worlds, help Rick with his bizarre experiments, and use your hands in VR to pick up and play in a 3D Rick-ality.

Soul Calibur VI

See Mitsurugi and Sophitia fight it out in this new SoulCalibur VI trailer.

Hear from the producer of SoulCalibur VI to find out about the brand new Reversal Edge mechanic and watch some brand new gameplay.

Wipeout Omega Collection VR

The recently released Wipeout Omega Collection is getting VR support. It’ll be available as a free update to the game in early 2018.

Knockout League

Knockout League, an arcade style VR boxing game, is coming to PSVR.


Mulaka, a 3D action-adventure game based on the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara, is coming to PlayStation 4.


20XX, the indie roguelike platformer, is coming to PS4 in early 2018.

Fantasy Strike

Fantasy Strike is a fighting game from David Sirlin, the lead designer of Super Street Fighter 2: HD Remix. It will be coming to PS4 in 2018.

Children of Morta

Children of Morta is coming to PS4 in 2018.

Tower 57

Tower 57 is a fast-paced neo-retro shooter where cooperation is as important as your ammo capacity.


Moonlighter is an action RPG with rogue-lite elements that demonstrates two sides of the coin. Every adventure has to pay off.

DJMax Respect

DJMax Respect is coming to PlayStation 4

Shooty Fruity

Shooty Fruity is a multi-tasking shooter coming to PlayStation VR & PlayStation Move.


The Absolver 3v3 Overtake update is live on PlayStation 4 with new gameplay modes, private 1v1 matches, and more.

Guns of Icarus Alliance

Guns of Icarus Alliance, a team-based experience, is coming to PlayStation 4.

A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park opens up to PlayStation 4 owners today and is, along with the original game, optimized for PS4 Pro.


Hover is a fast-paced single and multiplayer parkour game in a futuristic 3D open world.


Anamorphine is coming to PSVR on January 16, 2018.

The Forest

Survival horror title The Forest is coming to PS4 in 2018.

Flipping Death

From the developers of Stick it to the Man! come s a new platforming title, Flipping Death, with an interesting twist. Expect it Spring 2018.

Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo is the new version of the acclaimed retro racing game Horizon Chase: World Tour.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Insomniac Games, in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation, is building a blockbuster action experience where Peter Parker and Spider-Man’s worlds collide.

Shadow of the Colossus

Take a look at about 14 minutes of PS4 gameplay from Shadow of the Colossus for the PS4.

Watch the evolution of Shadow of the Colossus from PS2 to PS3 and see how it’s been rebuilt from the ground up for PS4.

2064: Read Only Memories

2064: Read Only Memories is now available for the PlayStation Vita.

LocoRoco 2 Remastered

LocoRoco 2 Remastered is available now on the PlayStation Store.

Cannibal-Slasher The Forest Is Coming To PS4 In 2018

This weekend’s PlayStation Experience has showed us a great number of new game reveals and announcements, and Endnight’s The Forest is no exception. Debuting with a brand-new trailer, the survival horror title is making its way to PS4 in Spring 2018.

After surviving a plane crash that lands in a forest, you’re left to fend for yourself. You’ll get to enjoy the simple things in life such as fishing, exploring, building forts and the like–but uh, sprinkle some flesh-starved cannibals in there for good measure.

Where this steps aside from the usual survival horror game is that it doesn’t have any sort of NPC guidance. There is no quest system, and there is no clear story line to follow. As the player, you truly are left to your own devices to figure out how the world works, and how to stay alive until the sun rises again.

We first saw The Forest in 2013 as an early access title for Steam on PC. Since then, the game still hasn’t quite reached a full launch, but it has been iterated on with guidance from its community. This weekend’s announcement did not detail if the PS4 launch will be a full or early access launch.

Let’s Play Resident Evil 7 Part 5 – Resident Kinevil

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has been netting award nominations at several outlets, and for good reason: it’s tense, terrifying, and one of the best entries in the long running series. So, the timing couldn’t be better for our playthrough.

And if you thought Mary Kish had an itchy trigger finger before this episode, you have no idea. In fact, one might say her trigger finger is more than itchy. In this episode of Resident Kinevil 7, Mary’s trigger finger essentially spasms every five minutes. It definitely doesn’t lead to her wasting any ammo, though, so that’s good. Anyway. Enjoy the episode!

To catch up on previous episodes of Resident Kinevil, where Mike Mahardy and former GameSpot member Mary Kish play through every numbered Resident Evil game, you can visit the show’s page here, or its YouTube channel here.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Funko Pop Giveaway

In honor of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we’re giving away a BB-8 Funko Pop! One (1) winner will be chosen after the giveaway closes on Sunday, December 17 at 11:59PM PT.

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review: So Many Dick Jokes

If you were a teenage girl, and you suddenly woke up in a middle-aged man’s body, chances are you’d be amazed at any number of discoveries. Chief among them: having a penis.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle sees four hapless teens slurped into the video game world of Jumanji, where they find themselves in the “avatar” bodies of Dr. Smolder Bravestone (The Rock), Moose Finbar (Kevin Hart), Professor Shelly Oberon (Jack Black), and Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan). One of those body swaps–Madison Iseman’s character Bethany into Jack Black’s Shelly Oberon–is a gender flip, and Jumanji never shies away from that most obvious–but effective–of jokes.

Yes, the new Jumanji movie is full to the brim with dick jokes. Besides in his perpetual role as JB in the comedy-rock band Tenacious D, Jack Black has perhaps never been funnier than while playing a teenage girl stuck in Jack Black’s body. Welcome to the Jungle isn’t the kid’s movie you may recall the original Jumanji as; this is a movie for teenagers and adults who grew up with the original.

And yet, it isn’t. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is that rare sequel/reboot/remake that doesn’t sink into a quagmire of its own nostalgic quicksand. References to the original are few and far between, besides a single obvious nod to Robin Williams’ character, Alan Parrish. The board game so many ’90s kids wished was real appears briefly in a cold open at the movie’s start, before transforming itself into a video game to keep up with the times.

This inadvertently expands on the Jumanji mythology, such as it is, significantly: The game apparently has the ability to change its form and rules to better serve its ultimate goal. Whether that goal is to trap helpless children and consume their souls, or simply to teach them a wholesome lesson about perseverance, friendship, and acceptance, is immaterial. Either way, it hacks a path for more iterations in the future, should this one prove successful.

The new Jumanji starts to drag in its first 20 minutes or so, as it establishes the real life versions of the teenaged characters and their relationships with one another. They’re all clichés, through and through; Bethany (Iseman) is the selfie-obsessed airhead, Spencer (Alex Wolff) is the nerd who helps the jock, Anthony “Fridge” Johnson (Ser’Darius Blain), cheat on his homework, and Martha (Morgan Turner) is the nerdy-but-kind-of-attractive-but-doesn’t-know-it-yet girl. It’s a necessarily long intro, given that it’s the only time we spend with these characters in their actual bodies for the whole movie. But these cheesier scenes would have been more at home in a movie that actually was for kids, and they prove an odd contrast to the dick jokes and more adult humor throughout the rest of the movie.

Things pick up when the main stars take the stage. Johnson, Hart, Gillan, and Black all do a phenomenal job embodying the teenagers inside them while playing up the more ridiculous aspects of the whole situation. Spencer–the nerd–becomes the irresistible Dr. Smolder Bravestone, and watching The Rock discover his own massive arm muscles for the first time is hilarious. Gillan does a fantastic job playing a “nerdy” girl in a “hot” body, alternating between a confident badass who “dance fights” her enemies and an awkward girl who can’t talk to boys, and showing many shades in between.

It’s from the veins of these incongruous personality-to-body match-ups that Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle mines most of its comedy, and its heart. One of the best scenes comes when Jack Black (really, Bethany) has to teach Karen Gillan (Martha, the awkward girl) how to flirt with boys so she can distract a pair of guards. Somehow, Black’s performance as the soul of a teenage girl never devolves into caricature, while still being intensely funny. All four main actors remain grounded in how these characters would really act, with the occasional exception of Hart, who becomes more like himself and less like “Fridge” as the movie progresses.

The other big aspect here is the world of Jumanji itself, now a video game rather than a board game. It’s equal parts The Matrix, Ender’s Game, Ready Player One, and Westworld. The avatars these characters inhabit have specific strengths and weaknesses, which they discover through a video game menu that gets beamed into the sky like a hologram. Ruby has to watch out for venom, for example, while Kevin Hart’s character is weak to “cake.” These concepts all pay off at various points as the characters learn the rules of the game, fight and manipulate enemies, and solve puzzles. Jumanji seems like it would actually be a cool game, were it real.

Bobby Cannavale, Flight of the Conchords band manager Rhys Darby, and Nick Jonas round out a cast of other characters in the game. Spencer, being–again–the nerd, dutifully explains concepts like “non-player characters” and “cutscenes” as they encounter various game-like elements. The world’s rules–like the characters needing to say the right phrases to get NPCs to move the quest forward–are established early on, and they help keep the group’s goals and parameters clear. Jumanji doesn’t spiral out too far on any one concept, like what happens when the characters in the game “die,” which lets it stays tight and relatively focused.

Whether fans wanted it or not, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a reboot that doesn’t get bogged down in its own nostalgia. With an odd combination of cheesy clichés and raunchy humor, it doesn’t so much walk the line between a kid and teen/adult movie as it does obliterate it entirely. But the chemistry among the main cast and the dense thicket of video game mythology and body-swap-dick-jokes they manage to cut through make the new Jumanji a surprising success.

There’s a lot of heart at the story’s core, too, although Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle ultimately doesn’t want you to take it too seriously–it’s just a game, after all.

The Good The Bad
Jumanji works great as a video game Cheesy scenes and adult humor are an odd contrast
Main actors embody their teenage selves well Slow start focused on clichéd teen characters
Humor derived from game rules and body swaps
Not bogged down in nostalgia

New Fortnite Battle Royale Mode Available Now For A Limited Time

A new game mode has been announced for Fortnite Battle Royale, and it’s available now. The mode was one of the many surprises unveiled during tonight’s Game Awards, where developer Epic debuted its first trailer.

The mode is called 50 Vs. 50, but it will only be available in the game for a limited time. As its name implies, two teams of 50 players are pit against each other in a giant battle, with the last team standing declared the winner. You can take a look at its trailer below.

50 Vs. 50 mode will only be available to play through Sunday, December 10. Epic says that it has “additional unique game modes and content planned for the future.”

Battle Royale is Fortnite’s free, PUBG-style survival mode. It’s available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Epic recently rolled out a new update for the mode that introduced smoke grenades, two new leaderboards, and Xbox One X support. The update also added new items and content to Fortnite’s Save the World mode.

Biggest News From The Game Awards 2017

This year’s Game Awards is set to reward and celebrate some of 2017’s best games, but the show is also primed to reveal a bunch of announcements for both existing games and entirely new ones. With so many exciting announcements on the way, we’re going to be compiling all the biggest ones from the ceremony below. Be sure to check back often as we update this feature with more announcements as they get revealed.

What news are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below, and if you want to experience the announcements alongside us, check out our Game Awards liveblog.

New Game Announcements

In The Valley Of Gods

Firewatch Developer Reveals New Game Called In The Valley Of The Gods–Watch the premier trailer for In The Valley Of The Gods, Campo Santo’s follow-up to Firewatch.

New From Software Game

Bloodborne, Dark Souls Dev Teases New Game At The Game Awards 2017–From Software, developer of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, unveils its latest game.

Soul Calibur VI

SoulCalibur 6 Announced For PS4, Xbox One, And PC–Bandai Namco’s other big fighting game franchise returns with SoulCalibur 6.

World War Z

World War Z Game Announced At The 2017 Game Awards–The 2013 zombies apocalypse film gets a game adaptation.

Updates For Existing Games

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s Champions’ Ballad DLC Launches Tonight–Nintendo finally reveals more details and a release date for the second DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.